Why won´t you let me skate mom?!


2. Why won´t you let me go mommy?!


I was supposed to go to a skater-park today, but my mom won´t let me! Mom said “there is too much snow hunny, you can´t go today”. My mom sucks sometimes! I need to get to the skater-park somehow today. I need to make a plan! It´s sunday today, and every wednesday and sunday, my mom takes a walk in central park. She takes the walk in central park from about 3-5 pm, so I get 2 hours. The reason why I really want to go to the skater-park today is because there is a competition today. It´s the New York championship!  

The competition is from 3:30-5:30 pm, so I don´t have time enough! I need to make my mommy late somehow so that I can be home in time!




                                               to be continued.....

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