The Fame

It was an ordarey day for Lizea (short for Elizabeth.) But what she didint know was that today everithing was going to change. She was going to her most faverite boy band consert of all time,ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! But at the end of the concert she gets a verey nervraking phone call!


18. Tour

When Niall got back it was about 10:00pm and I had finished putting his close in a pile for washing, and tided up a little. I was on Niall's lap top chatting to some fans on live stream (as myself) when he walked in. "What you up to?"  he asked I quickly typed 'he's home. I'll get him on.' "Nothing. You up for live stream?" I asked "I'm tir- You said I'll get on didn't you!" He said and sitting down next to me "So come on." I nagged "Fine! bring it up." "Ok" I said and loaded it up. It took a couple minutes to get it up but it was worth it. "Hi guys told you Id get him on!" I said as the we looked at tweets, and messages. We did live stream for 2hours Louis and Harry came and joined us at a point but then left. It was 1:00 am when we stopped, we did so much I was so tired. "You tired?" I asked "Yah you?" He asked back "Yes" I said and yawned. "You want to stay here tonight?" he asked "Shree, should we tell Zayn so he doesn't worry?" I said "Louis said he was staying at Liam's so it ok." "Ok" I said then fell asleep.

When I woke up Niall was gone but there was a text that said

From-Niall 'I had to get up early for recording. Didn't want to wake you. Text Liam if you want to come the studio. Love you'       

  I got dressed in some dark blue jeans, and a light blue AEROPOSTALE t-shirt and some black flats, then I texted Liam. To-Liam 'When you going to the studio?' From-Liam 'In an hour, Why?' To-Liam 'Niall texted me saying that you would drive me if I wanted to go. did you know' From-Liam 'No! but he did text me saying drive, I was so confided but I get it now. do you want to go?' To-Liam 'Yah if it is not a problem, By the way I'm at Niall flat.' From-Liam 'Ok see you in 10minints, ok' To-Liam 'Ok'

I grabbed my purse when there was a knock at the door. Liam was there and said "Reddy?" "Yes" I said and I closed the door and Liam locked it (He had a key to all the boys flats.) then he lead me down stairs and out to his car. We drove in mostly silliness excepted for the buzzing of my phone because Niall and Louis where texting me a lot of random things! Liam said to ignore them and they will stop, he said they use to do it to him but he never texted them for 2 months and they stopped. When we got to the studio there where only about 10-20 girls there not that much, we got inside no problem jest a couple picks and singes from Liam and they let us go in, Liam asked if they had seen Danielle go in they said yes. We sinned in and went up to the studio, Harry was singing when we got there Niall and Zayn where on the coach playing with NEFR-GUNS, Louis was over with Paul and Simon talking about something Liam went over and joined the conversation. I went over and sat on a single chair by Niall on the coach. when Harry was done Liam went and when he was done we went to another room and sat down. Simon started by saying "Since you guys have finished this album, and since it will be coming out soon we need to pick when the tour is going to start. and Liza since you are on the album would you like to come along?" "I would love to come along!" I said "Ok then, when should it start?" Paul asked "What about in 4mounths" Harry said then added "Jest a random number." "What about 2mounths so you guys can pick where you're going get for one month, and advertised the 2end mouth and you can praises the songs and row-teens, on stage." I said "Prefixed! Everyone in?" Simon asked "Yah!" They all said and they decussated some more things and we all headed to Zayn's and My house for dinner, again!                                

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