The Fame

It was an ordarey day for Lizea (short for Elizabeth.) But what she didint know was that today everithing was going to change. She was going to her most faverite boy band consert of all time,ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! But at the end of the concert she gets a verey nervraking phone call!


3. The Stage

The concert started soon after Pall came to get us from the back room. They sang two or three songs, I count tell, then it was time for the first close changing, also a red coach was brought on stage, when the boys where done changing they made their way back on stage. I was watching carefully from a good vintage point, when the music stopped and Harry said "Guess what? We have a surprise for all of you!" "Yes we do" Louis said, Liam then said "Niall why don't you get it from the back?" "OK!!" Niall screamed then he rushed off stage. Liam, Harry, Louis, and Zayn entertained the crowd, wail Niall came off the stage looking for me. I quietly got out of my hiding place and said "You wanted me Niall?" Niall wiped around shoved something in his pocket and came over and said "Yes! Can you hold these for me?" "Shore" I said, then unexpectedly he turned me around and picked me up bridle stile, and before I could speak he said "hold that closes to me pleas" "um ok" I said still in shock! Then before I could object again he said this time into his mike "I found it!!" then I heard Louis say "Then bring it up on stage NIALL!" he absolutely screamed Niall. Something was shoved into my ear and Niall ran on sage with me in his arms! 'I know what was going on when Niall said i found it, they didn't tell me when they were being me on stage, but I did know I was going on stage, so I had prepared myself for it. But when Niall ran on stage I was so freaked out!'

When we were out on stage Niall put me down on the coach and then sat on my right side and Liam sat on my left then harry came over and sat next to Niall on the arm of the coach, Louis did the same but on the other side and Zayn stood behind the coach. Right as I was sat down I put my hand to my ear and Niall pulled it down and took it out and said "It's a hearing add so you can hear over the screaming!" "ok" I said then relisted he couldn't hear me. It took the crowed amount to a just to me, which was grate it gave me time to a just to the hearing add. And jest as soon as the screaming sopped it started up again, but these time it was "who is that" and "ow my god who that" and the worst one was "boooooooooo" and a bunch of others that I couldn't understand. Harry then screamed" STOP THAT YOU GUYS LEST US EXSPLANE! Then the hole crowed went quite! Literally pure quite then Liam broke the silence and said "It hasn't been this quietist for a long time!" Louis and the other agreed right away. Then someone in the crowed said "SO EXPLAIN!!" "OK then we will." Zayn said proudly, Niall then said "This is Liza or Elizabeth. Liza is a nickname she goes by." "Yep and she bout a back stage pass, and yes we know there where two in these concert but one of them didn't show, soooo these is what we did, blame Louis he thot of it!" Liam said and then got hit by Louis. I stared to say something then was stopped by Niall, he got out the thing he shoveled into his pocket then said "speak know and handed me a mike."Ok" I said then soak into the mike "I told you when Louis asked me if the rested of you guys didn't want me to it was fine, but Nnnnnno!"  That got the crowed back screaming! Liam then said "You jest hade to right?" "yep!" I said proudly then Harry stood and said "Let the concert go back to the concert then?" the crowed went nuts. "Ok then, TWEET TIME!!!!" Louis screamed.

The tweets came and gone when that was over they changed closes and left me on stage, the coach was token off stage and i went over to the wall and jest stood there waiting in the dark for the boys to come back. When they did they sung two more songs coming and running me around the stage. Before they left for a 3ed time Zayn said "There's a party in Dublin!!!!!!!" holding the L. Niall came over to me and picked me up and ran off stage. Pall told me what to do when the boys came back out. When I saw Harry I ran on stage and said as confidently as i could, "When Harry was a boy he ran around in his under-where, When Louis was in preschool he got in trouble all the time for begging funny! When Zayn was a kid he told his mom that he would always be loyal to her. When Liam was a 3 he jested wished he was normal! And When Niall was in high school he got in trouble for having food in class and not enough for the hole school! HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THESE BOYS!!!!" I looked at Pall and he looked happy! Before they started singe the next song they asked me where I learned that stuff and I jest said "PALL!" Then they started singing again.

Before I know it the show was over and where were heading for one of the dressing rooms.                      

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