The Fame

It was an ordarey day for Lizea (short for Elizabeth.) But what she didint know was that today everithing was going to change. She was going to her most faverite boy band consert of all time,ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! But at the end of the concert she gets a verey nervraking phone call!


7. The Move

On the way to my room we grabbed some boxes and put them together. When we got to my room Niall and Liam where surprised at how much stuff I had(Witch isn't that much!), when I looked at them they both had their mouths wide open. "So how do you like it?" "Your room is, un?" That all Niall could say "It wonderful is what Niall is trying to say." Liam said trying to cover for him "NO I WASINT! What I was going to say is that, you have a huge room and it has nothing in it, well it does but not that much!"Niall said when Liam ended. Liam then punched Niall in the arm and said "Niall!!" I laughed and said "It's ok I don't have that much stuff, anyway, let's get started!" Niall was on poster duty 'he stopped every 10secents to look at him on a poster' Liam was on anything else, which I ended up switching because Liam wouldn't stop complementing my stuff, and Niall and the poster thing, I did my clothes because I didn't want them seeing my clothes and other things.

When we finished with my room and put my stuff and put it in the van that we came in, we headed on our way to the airport. "Shouldn't we go pick up the others?" I asked "No there already at the air port." Liam answered me. "They had to bring are stuff." Niall added "Ok, what time does the plain live?" I asked so I know when to text Mike,(he wants to know when I living so he can call me to say good bye.)"Hahahahaha you think where going on public plain. hahaha." Niall laughed out, "What?" I said confided "We can't take public plains anymore, because too many fans got tickets for the same plane and we got mobbed." Liam said as we heeded into a back entries for people that had there one planes. "Ok then" I said wall texting Mike. We got to the plain about two minutes ladder, to find Harry, Louis, and Zayn outside playing football, (Soccer) Me, Liam, and Niall joined in as the people put my stuff into the plain. When there were done we all filed into the plain, and took are sets. Harry and Louis where sitting by each other watching TV Liam and Zayn where playing there DS's, and me and Niall where on are phones. About have way throw the flight Niall looks up and says "Did we get food?" he didn't rill direct the question to anyone so Harry looks up and said "Yah? I'm hungry!" Louis agreed so did Zayn, Liam looks up from his posed game and said "Yes I made sheer we had food before we left." he answered them. Liam then gets up and walks over to a door go's throw and a couple minutes ladder comes out with Nando's. Niall jumps with joy almost flinging his phone at me, so I grabbed his hand and pried his phone out of his hand wail he was getting up then Harry said in a site scream "don't let go of him until  we get are food!" "OK!" I said as I put his phone down while he turned to me and said "Let go of me!" I looked at Harry and he gave me a thumbs up so I let go. Niall like a sling shot when food is in the room, he ran over and grabbed a lot and came back, so fast! "Why aren't you eating Liza?" Zayn asked while he ate. "Ow, well I don't riley like Nando's." I said looking down. I could feel everyone looking at me. "What? It just doesn't appeal to me." I said braking the silliness, "HAVE YOU EVEN HADE IT!!" Niall screamed. "Yes and it was not that good." I answered "What you order?" Niall said trying to get all the info about me not liking it, but thankful Liam said "Niall we can't control everyone you know?" "I know but-" Niall started but was cut off by Liam "What do you like?" he asked "I like KFC." I said Liam got up went back throw the door and came back out and said "Sorry, anything else?" he said have way throw the door "What about you jest come back here so I'm not the only one to get food." he said before I could answer looking at Niall. "Ok."  I said getting up and walking over to him. He let me inn told me the pass word to get in and out of the room; them said "So?" "Wow!" I said looking around. The room was probably the kitchen, it was about have the size of the cabin (which was probably as big as a mid size living room.) And had food everywhere! "yah, Niall eats a lot, So Nando's is over there," he should me where everything was, everything in there was someone's favorite food, and I grabbed a hamburger, some fries, and a drink, from a random place, and said "Shouldn't we bring the others drinks?" "Yah we should." he said grabbed a cart and got the boys there favorite drinks and we heeded out. I had to get up 5 times to get food, but Liam got up about 10 times, other than that the flight wasn't that bad, parley because the flight end about 5 hours ladder!

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