The Fame

It was an ordarey day for Lizea (short for Elizabeth.) But what she didint know was that today everithing was going to change. She was going to her most faverite boy band consert of all time,ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! But at the end of the concert she gets a verey nervraking phone call!


19. Planning

Two weeks ladder the boys and management figured out all the places the tour would go. We would first stop in London on January 1st 2013, to start the tour, and then to Ireland for the second show then to the U.S. and most of the major city and some small ones then to Canada and Brazil, then to Poland and Sweden, and back to the UK, maybe they might add more I don't know that's all that Niall told me.

Now its December 26, 5 days before the tour starts, and the advertisement is going great! Management added some more days to the tour that means more time on the road and more time in the U.S.  

Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn decided that I need new close for the tour so they took me shopping. They invited Danielle, Eleanor, and Perry to help find stuff/close. Danielle left when we were done shopping. Then we were done we all went back to me and Zayn's house and packed my stuff. When we were packing Eleanor and Perry helped and the boy's stayed down stairs. We girls rill got to know each other in this time. when we were done we went back down stairs to where the boys were. Niall convinced me to come back to his flat with he to help him pack, so I went up stairs and got some close for tomorrow because I knew he was going to convince me to sleepover.

When we got to his flat we packed his things and I knew he was going to convince me to sleepover because he did. We lad in his bed awhile then he broke the silences and said "Are you up to being on the road this long Liza?"  "Yes as long as I have you I'll be fine, Why?" "Jest wounding." "Niall?" "Yes Liza?" "How is it on stage, I know I've been on one before but how is it to sing on one?" "It's amazing, but after you've done it so many times it seems like it goes by so fast." We laded there for a few more minutes in silence then he said "only 4 more days to go until the your starts!" then he kissed me and we fell asleep.                 

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