The Fame

It was an ordarey day for Lizea (short for Elizabeth.) But what she didint know was that today everithing was going to change. She was going to her most faverite boy band consert of all time,ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! But at the end of the concert she gets a verey nervraking phone call!


14. Name

When I woke up Niall was right beside me fast asleep. I got up and went down stairs to find Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn all asleep on the caches with the TV on blaring the music canola. I went over to shut off the TV then headed to kitchen to get briefest. They all were still asleep so I decided to turn back on the TV. When the TV turn on I had forgot to turn down the volume so as soon as it was on ED Sheeran's - Drunk came blaring on. These woke them all up intently. "WHAT THE HELL!!!" Harry yelled "Sorry it was your fault to turn it up that!" I said as I turned it down "It's ok Liza. We needed to wake up." Liam said. When all the boys went to the kitchen I started to clean up, I singing wile I clean. The boys had never heard me singe before and when they did they looked shocked! The next song was Lego House - ED Sheeran I know so I start to sing "I'm out of touch, I'm out of love, I'll pick you up when you're getting down, And out of all these things I've done, I think I love you better know. I'm out of sight, I'm out of mind, I'll do it all for you in time, And out of all these things I've done, I think I love you better know. Now. I'm gonna paint you by numbers, and cooler you in, if things go right we can frame it, and put you on a wall. An-" I was cut off by Niall "OW MY GOD! That was you!"  "Yes. why I'm not that good." I said blushing "NO! Your amazing!!!" Louis said as he walked in "Yep this girl can sing!" Harry said right behind Louis "I'm that good?" I asked "Yes!" they all said at the same time! "Hay, what if we did a duet! Well if it ok with the rest of you." Zayn suggested "Yah!" they all said "SO do you Liza?" Niall asked "I would love to do a duet with you guys. But don't you think it would be good to tell you fans who I am, before you tell them you're doing a duet with me?" I asked "She right." Liam said "So. Why don't you come to an interview with us?!" Harry said "Sheer. When is it?" I said again "Tomorrow at 3:30PM. Ok?" Louis said "OK" I answered back.

The interview came faster than I thought it would and when I asked Niall he said it was taking forever! When the boys where called on stage I finely relisted that it was the Chatty Man. I was rill sprayed because no one told me! When it was time to call the girls out Danielle and Eleanor where probably as nervous as I was. Allen (The host) called us out we all healed each other's hands and started to walk down the steps to the show. We all let go of each other hands as soon as a camera spotted us. Allen came over to great us then toke us to where the boys sat Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn, said take a seat anywhere, there were two coach's and Louis And Liam moved so they could sit next to their girlfriends so I just sat down where Louis had sat before, and that was in the middle of Niall and Zayn. So now it went, Danielle, Liam, Eleanor, Louis on one coach and on the other it went Harry, Me, Niall, and Zayn. Allen jest jumped in and asked us if we wanted something to drink (Alcohol of cores!) I said water and he said ok witch probably meant we'll get back to that. Then when he was done with the drinks he said "Who is these lovely girl?" "This is Liza." Niall said "Ow. So Liza why water, not alcohol? You under age" Allen asked (I know it!) "Well, No I'm of age, but Alcohol just doesn't go well with me." I said and he asked again "Why, tell us." I looked at the boys but I could tell they wounded to know too so I told them. "When I was 16tean I was in a ascent and I got hit rill badly in one of my kidneys and it stopped working, and the other one got rill boosted but still worked fine, and they thought I wouldn't make it, Because if how bad I was hurt from the other ingress. But it ended up that I got better and I'm still heeling from the bossing so the doctor said I couldn't have alcohol. So." "Well that explains it, So    Eleanor-" I semi blocked him out in till Allen asked "So who's boyfriend is Liza's?" "We-" Harry was cut off by Niall Ow, sorry Harry go on" "Well she is not any of our girlfriend." Harry finished" "No offence but why is she hear with you?" "Well we can't rill tell anyone yet." Liam said thank god for Liam! "Ok a little surprise we are looking forward to it then. But that all the time we have so-" Allen finished that part and the interview was over

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