The Fame

It was an ordarey day for Lizea (short for Elizabeth.) But what she didint know was that today everithing was going to change. She was going to her most faverite boy band consert of all time,ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! But at the end of the concert she gets a verey nervraking phone call!


10. Feelings

After the incident at briefest everyone went home, I went up to my room and put my music on. The first song up was 'Yo, Ho' by Blood On the Dance Floor. Have way throw the song there was knocks on my door, "Come in!" I yell even thou I didn't want company I know it was Zayn. "So, what's up?" he asked "nothing, jest tiered." I said "Wow, I didn't know you listened to this!" he joked "Nay, jest this song." "Sorry about earlier, at brie-" I cut him off "Don't say any more. I hate sympathy." "Ok, Liam not usually like that. Him and Danielle are not rill getting along right now and." He stopped "Do you think they'll break up?" I asked "No, It's not that, they do love each other to much!" "Ow, then, If they do love each other like you say they do then it will all blow over. Ok don't weary about it."

After the talk with Zayn and he left me alone I decide to take a shower. Before I got into the bathroom Zayn yells up "I'm going to the recording studio, Ok Liza. Be back around 10:00. Ok!" "Ok." I yelled back and then the door shut and he was off. I took my shower ant put on a dark blue polo, and some red skinny jeans, and black flats on, I put my hair up in a ponytail, and put a light shade of blue eye-shadow, and some eyeliner on. Then I decide to go shopping for a swimsuit, since I don't have one that's fits and Zayn has a pool. I had seen the area when we were going to Zayn's house, and I know where I'm going by looking at things that stand out. It was not that far to the nearest shopping center, about 10minits walking. I did not get mobbed partly because I was still mystery girl. (We didn't have a good time to tell anyone, sins nothing big has come up yet, so I'm still the mystery girl.) I went into a shop that looked a lot like Target; I found my way to the swimsuits and was looking around when someone came up to me and said "You are mystery girl aren't you?" "What?" I said back "You are mystery girl!" She said. I bet she sow how confused I was so she showed me the magazines she was holding. "Ow." I said "You didn't know did you?" she said "No, I didn't know." I answered her "its ok I won't tell anyone and the blue one with the red stripes, or the light blue on those suite you." and then she ran off. I grabbed both of the swimsuits she said suite me and tried them on, she was right they did suite me so after that I went to the magazines and got the two with me on the front. I went to pay and went home to Zayn's house.

It was around 9:50 when I decided to make diner, I texted Zayn to see if the boys where coming over he said yes and why so I told him and also not to tell the boys! He was fine with that. I decided to make skillet-enchiladas which aren't that hard and quick to make about 10minuts so it worked out good. The boys got home jest as I was setting the table and I headed Niall scream. "I SMELL FOOD!!" then I saw all of them rum head on right into the kitchen. "STOP!" I yelled and they all froze Zayn walked in and said "I told them not to freak out!" "All of you go sit down. NOW!" I yelled the now and they all quietly went and sat down in a seat. A copula skeins ladder I brought in the food and they all stared at it accepted Zayn who scoped up a spoon full and plopped it on his plate. I then grabbed the spoon and put a spoon full on each of their plates and said "Eat. You are hungry aren't you?" "What is it? And YES!" Louis asked "its skillet-enchiladas." I answered him, and then they all started eating like pigs. "Jesse did they not feed you guys!" I asked "No they say if you are hungry you work harder." Harry said in-between chewing. When I finished my plat and they were on their second plat, I said "When are you guys going to tell them I'm staying with Zayn?" Zayn looks up and said "What!?" "I said when are you going to tell then I'm staying in Zayn's house?" "There wasn't time to tell anyone between asking you and you moving in." Liam said looking up "Why are you asking?" Niall asked "It's nothing." I said but he asked again "What happened today. Liza tell us. You know you can." "Well." I passed searching for the right words "Well what?" Louis asked "Well, Today I went out" they all look very concerned so I continued "Shopping, and in one of the stores I was approached b-" I was cut off by Niall "I'm going to kill -" This time I cut him off "By a little girl" they all relaxed "And she called me mystery girl, so that why. I was just wondering." I had finely finished "We will tell them at are next interview ok." Liam said "Ok" I said then picked up their plates and put them in the dishwasher and now Harry, Louis and Liam went home witch left Me Niall and Zayn who went to bed soon after the others left. I decided to go up to my room and Niall followed, It was great to have Zayn bedroom on the main floor and mine on the second. "So" Niall said as he closed my door "So what" I answered "So here's the thing I rill like you so don't scare me like that. Ok" Niall said quietly but agley "You like me?" I said shocked "Yay, that why I asked you to come live with us." He said being very shy "I like you to Niall." I said "You do!" "Yes" Then out of nowhere he came over to me pulled me in close to him looked me strait in the eyes and then kissed me!                                      

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