The Fame

It was an ordarey day for Lizea (short for Elizabeth.) But what she didint know was that today everithing was going to change. She was going to her most faverite boy band consert of all time,ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! But at the end of the concert she gets a verey nervraking phone call!


15. Duet

The next day Zayn woke me up at 8:00AM, I was so confided when I asked him all he said was studio I was so confided. I got dressed and went down stairs to get something to eat, when I got down stairs Zayn, Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis where all in the kitchen. "What's up?" I said "Well we have t-" Louis was cut off by Liam saying "Nothing you coming to the studio with us?" "I guess." I said with a yon. "Tired?" Niall asked "A little. I Zayn didn't wake me up at 8:00AM I would be fine!" I said and looked at him. "Zayn woke up before 11:00AM OW MY GOD!" Harry said "I'm capable of that!" Zayn said proudly. "Ok then, shall we go?" Liam said everyone agreed and we all headed to the door when Niall said "What about food?" "We'll pick some up on the way ok." Liam said and we headed out.

When we finely got to the studio it was 12:00PM. "Hurry up we are late!" Liam said as we all got out of the big black van. "We are coming!" Louis yelled. We all made it in side with no distractions; because there were no fans like last time I was here. We all checked in and then made are way to the studio, these was a different room then last time I was here and I could tell something was going to happen because of the boys faces.

James and Simon Cowell where chatting when James saw us he said "There they are. I toke you guys long enough!" "Sorry, we had to stop for food." Liam said and looked at me and Niall. "And who is these?" Simon said "These are Liza." Niall said. "Nice to meat you Liza, I'm Simon." "Nice to meat you to." I said and shook his hand. "Shall we get started on the new song then?" James said "yah!" all the boys said at the same time. They all went over to some chars and started talking about the new song. I went over and sat down by Niall right as I sat down Louis asked if I could go get some coffee for him and the boys, I said ok and asked the other boys, James, and Simon if they wanted any and they did then asked where to get it and left. There was a little coffee shop across the street and Niall texted me what they wanted. I went in and before I could say anything the girl behind the canter said "One Direction right" "Yes with-" she cut me off "With James, and Simon, and what for you?" "Yah, same as Niall's for me. And how did you know what I was going to say?" I said "Ow sorry. The boys come in here every day if they can, and if they can't come then send someone." She said then added "Ow and Liam called." "Ow! OK." I said. I padded her and walked back over to the studio and someone that was going in healed the door opened for me I said thank you and headed back to the room. I was all most at the door when it opened and James, Simon, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Niall walk out grab their cup which had their names on it, (thank you coffee shop girl!) and keep walking. Niall helped me from spilling my drink wail he grabbed his.  Then he asked "What did you get?" "Same as you." Is all I said. As we walked Simon said "So who going to sing the duet with you?" "Well we were thinking Liza." Harry said "Can she sing?" James said "Yes!" all the boys said at the same time "Ok then." Simon said and handed me a peace of paper and then said "Learn your parts, the boys will help you, ok?" "ok" I said and we left, the studio.                 

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