The Fame

It was an ordarey day for Lizea (short for Elizabeth.) But what she didint know was that today everithing was going to change. She was going to her most faverite boy band consert of all time,ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! But at the end of the concert she gets a verey nervraking phone call!


9. Door

I reached for the doorknob and pulled it open. To my surprise it was a stair-case! "Where does it lead?" I questing "What about you guys go find out." Zayn answered me not giving one little hint. I started up the steps with the boys behind me, when we got to the top there where two big glass doors I grabbed the knob and opened it. It opened up to a huge balcony, you could see for miles! We all ended up on the balcony for a while then Zayn called up for me to stare unpacking or he would go throw my close boxes. I ran down stairs with the boys behind me again. I found Zayn putting some boxes in the closest, 'thank god he didn't go throw them!' "What you doing Zayn?" I asked "Jest putting the close boxes in the closet." he answered putting the last box down then gilding the others to the door. "START UNPACKING OR I WILL!" he yelled on the way out.

It took me about 2houres to unpack all my stuff, and put it all away. When I was done I went back down stairs to find the boys watching TV. "What's for dinner" I asked seeing cleaning makes me hungry and that it was 7oklock at night. "Pizza is on its way" Niall answered me. The pizza came about 20mintus ladder we all ate the somehow ended up back on the balcony we found earlier that day."Isn't this place jest wonderful?"Niall said "Yep" all of us said then Niall came over and sat down next to me and put his arm around me. Not knowing what to do I scooted in and put my head on his shoulder. We talked and ended up falling asleep. When I woke up I was in my bed with Niall right beside me, these felt so right. I got up to see if the others were still on the balcony. When I got up there to my spires Louis and Harry where the only ones still asleep up on the balcony, I decided to let them sleep. Next I went to find Liam who was in the kitchen cooking pancakes. "Hi." I said I guess he didn't know I was there because he jumped "Hi Liza, how did you sleep?" he asked "Good thank you, you?" I asked him "Good" he said "Do you know Harry and Louis are still on the balcony?" I said "Yes, can you wake them up pleas." he said "Ok, How?" I asked confided "Jest pour a cup on them and they will wake up." he answered "ok." I said grabbing two cups and filling them with water, then walking up to the baloney. When I got to my room Niall was still asleep so I left him to sleep, until I woke up Harry and Louis. I walked up the stairs and went over to Louis and Harry and poured the water on their heads, and then I ran back down the stairs and got back in bed with Niall, to trick them. "LOUIS WHY!" I heard Harry yell "IT WASN'T ME IM WEAT TO HARRY!" Louis yelled back. All that didn't wake up Niall but when they ran down  the stairs that woke him up. "DID YOU DO THIS?" Harry yelled again "It was not me I was asleep." Niall said in a whisper "Ow sorry Niall for wakening you up." Louis said and the ran out when I heard the door close I sat up to find Niall staring at me "You did it, didn't you Liza." He said "How did you know, by the way Liam told me to." I answered "Well when you got back in bed, then the boys running down the stairs wet gave that clew. And Liam teals everyone to do that." he said and got up.

I followed Niall down stairs and into the dining room to find Harry and Louis on top of Liam yelling "DON'T TELL ENEYONE TO DO THAT AGAIN!!" "OK, OK, JEASS." Liam yelled back by these time Zayn was up to and we all sat down to have a simple briefest, eggs, bacon, and pancakes."Don't do that every again ok, Liza." Harry said "Ok sorry I didn't know." I said "It ok" Louis said looking at Liam "Did everyone have a good night." Zayn said changing the subject "yep, other than the water" Harry said and Louis agreed "How was your night Liza, Niall." Liam said I would of never thot he would say that but he did and Niall said "Good Liam what about yours." "Great, but Liza how was your night?" Liam said and OMG how did he get like this I thot Harry or Louis would do these not Liam. "It was good." I said "You don't think it was scary that you fell asleep on the baloney and ended up in your bed with Niall?" He said know everyone was looking at me. "Well I-." I was cut off by Niall "Stop Liam jest Stop!!" "Ok jest wondering!" Liam said in defense.                                            

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