The Fame

It was an ordarey day for Lizea (short for Elizabeth.) But what she didint know was that today everithing was going to change. She was going to her most faverite boy band consert of all time,ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! But at the end of the concert she gets a verey nervraking phone call!


21. Birthday Surprise

When we got up to the top floor where Harry and Louis flat was, (Zayn had to show me where it was) we went inn and to our surprise all the lights were off Zayn told me to stay there so he went off looking for Harry, Louis, or Niall, also he had not turned on the light. I slightly turned around to turn on the light when someone grabbed me and put his hand over my moth and whispered in my ear "when is your birthday?" instantly I knew who it was by the sound of his voice. Niall! I mumbled something into his mouth then Liam said "she can't tell you with your hand covering her mouth." by this time the lights were on but my back was still to them "Fine" Niall said and let go of my mouth but not me "Why do you want to know?" I asked "because you live with us and we want to know" Harry said "I'll tell you only if I can face you" Niall tried to turn around but was unsuccessful and hade to let go. But as soon as he did and I was facing the others he grabbed me again. "So when is it" Niall said not giving me a chance to answer "My mom was not really the celebrating type so I don't really celebrate my birthday." "She never gave you a presents!?" Louis asked "Well she did but usually it was not on my birthday. For example the concert I went to the one I met guys at, was a gift for charismas and the backstage pass where the birthday present for this year." "That does not madder anymore because we celebrate birthdays so give it up!" Niall said and healed me titer "Fine its January-26th-1993. Can you let go of me now? Pleas. "Um....No." "Why Not" "Because!" I looked at Liam and he had his hand in his face and Louis, Harry and Zayn walked off after I said my birthday so they count help. "Liam?" "Yes?" "Help pleas." "Sorry your no your own Liza" "Liam!" "Your all mine Niall whispered in my ear then he turned around walked out the door and down the hall to the elevator with me lifted off the ground. He hit the button to his floor then put me down, I turned around and looked at him and said "Why di-" He interrupted me by kissing me. Not just a kiss a real kiss well it was not really a 'Kiss' it was more like a French-kiss then jest a kiss! When he pulled away I said "Why?" I did not mean to say 'why' I love Niall but thank god he didn't take it like why did you kiss me like that instead he looked at me with those big Blue eyes and said "Because I haven't kissed you in over two months that's why" "Ow" I said and the door opened up on his floor but I could not move instead he picked me up and carried me to his flat. The whole time I was just staring at him, looking at him and his beautiful hair and nose and well his facial-fetchers. I never really looked at him (other than gawking at posters of him) the whole time I lived with them, I hadn't really looked at anyone really I mean really looked at them, not even the random little girl I meet at the store when I first got here. After a while of looking at Niall in complete silence he said "You told me I was the first one to kiss you and you told me you love Me!" he passed "And I gave you some space to breath and get to know how my life works, but I'm tired of being alone even though I have a girlfriend. I want to love you and kiss you and do everything with you." He passed again "And I can't live without you Liza, I LOVE YOU!!" then the room went silent.

We sat there for a couple of minis maybe an hour I don't know, and then there was a knock at the door and he said "I got it." he got up and walked over to the door opened it and in came Harry, Louis and Eleanor, Zayn and Perry, Liam and Danielle. "Hay, what rouge?" Eleanor said as she sat down beside me I looked at her and said "Nothing. Nothings rouge, why?" "Because you look sad and scared" Perry said "Ow." I said softly "Ok we came here to see if you guys wanted to come watch a move with us at Zayn's house?" Louis said then Eleanor punched him. I looked at Niall and he just surged. "Well I would love to..." I posed and looked at Niall he looked said so I continued "But me and Niall haven't finished our 'Harry Potter' marathon yet. So maybe Next time, Ok." Louis started to say something but Eleanor cut him off and said "Ok than maybe next time." then they left and me and Niall were alone again.              

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