The Fame

It was an ordarey day for Lizea (short for Elizabeth.) But what she didint know was that today everithing was going to change. She was going to her most faverite boy band consert of all time,ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! But at the end of the concert she gets a verey nervraking phone call!


4. Bad News

When we got back to the room after the show 'for the back stage pass thing' My phone starts buzzing indicating the someone was calling me. When I looked at the caller ID it said 'MOM', my mom never call me, the only time she does it when something bad happened, or is happing! I politely say "I have to take these it's my mom" Liam said "Ok well what."  I pick up my phone and say "Hi mom what's up?"  "Hi is these Liza Hatchet?" "Yes who is this?" I said confessed. "These is Overseer Nickels-" I cut him off because I know him as Kevin, so I said back "Kevin give my mom back her phone!." "Elizabeth your mom was in a car accident-" I cut him off again "Is she ok?" "Liza cam-" "IS SHE OK! ANSER ME!" "She" I know it was bad now. "She was hit pretty hard Liza."I was balling at these point the boys where all looking at me and Niall came over and tried to came me down. "Liza. Liza are you there?" I heard him say I moaned telling him I was still hear but I couldn't hear him over my crying. I dropped the phone and I think Liam took it and said "hello these is Liam sorry Liza dropped her phone." I couldn't hear the other side of the conversation but I know Kevin tell him what was wrong with me. Liam told the other boys then came over to Niall and said in his ear, but I could hear him "Her mom died in a car accident." as soon as I heard died I started balling again. By this time I was on the floor balling my eyes out with Niall beside me. About 20minits ladder I finely stopped crying and looked up to see Pall in the room talking to the boys except Niall of cores. Niall looks at me and quietly said "are you ok Liza?" all the boys heard him and where looking I said still trying to catch my berth "Yay I'm ok. I think?" "ok" I think Pall said that then he said "Do you have anywhere to go?" "Pall! Liza can come to the hotel with us. ok, you guys ok with that?" Niall said as soon as Pall finished.  "Yay where ok with that!" Liam said for them all. Pall tried to object but their minds where maid up!

When we got back to the hotel they were staying at, Niall led me up to the room wail, Pall talked to Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis about what they jest did.

When me and got up to the room he said "The room is pretty big, it does have to fit 5 teen age boys!" Right as we walked in I said "how many rooms are in hear?" Niall laughed and said "In coding the main room 6 but jest bed rooms 5. How do you like it" he took a few steps in and spread out his arms. "It's bountiful. Big too!" I said walking into the room beside him "but it is also very messy!" I recoiled my nose up. "Well that's 5 teen age boys for you!" he said proudly.

Finley when the other boys came up I was have way done cleaning the living room and finished with Niall's room. As soon as Liam saw what I was doing he said "You know you don't have to do that?" "don't bother I tried to get her to stop I tried, she said she cleans when she's said." Niall said in a protest. "Ok" the others said. "I also cleaned Niall's room and was waiting till you got back to ask to do your guys. So can I?" I said as I worked "sheer." Liam said and i looked at the others and they said "Go right ahead." "yay!" I said as I keep cleaning. 

When I was done Niall was the only one left up, when I sat on the coach he said "you finely done?" "yes" I said and then yond "you tiered?" he said before he yond himself. "yay, you?" I said returning the question "yep, me too" he said getting up, before I could ask where I was sleeping he picked me up bridle stile and said "Would you like to sleep in my room with me?" "Ok." I said as I giggled. He brought me into his newly cleaned room and put me on his bed and pulled the covers up over me then he climbed in.         

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