For You I Will

After meeting Harry on a trip to France, Jorgie never dreamed that she would be watching him confess her love for her on an interview a few months later.. Even though it seems like the perfect love story, things are bound to go wrong for Jorgie and Harry..

THIS IS NOT A SEQUEL TO UNTAMED!!!! Apologies.. The characters are just the same because that is my name and Yeahh.,..


24. Where is he?

It was weird. He was taking an awfully long time. I decided to investigate. He wasn't in Liam's room, or Paul's (who was still sleeping). Niall's room was empty and Zayn was doing his hair. Louis was in his room trying to find clothes under a pile of them. He looked up as I walked in and smiled.
"Have you seen Harry?" I asked
"I think he was with Lou and Baby Lux."
"Thanks," I spun to exit but he grabbed my arm, stopping me. 
"Do you have a problem with Emma and I?" he sounded concerned.
"Why would I have a problem?"
"Just the way you were looking at us at breakfast."
"Louis, I don't mind the fact that you guys are doing god knows what, I just care that you didn't tell me. You knew I would find out eventually."
"Okay, that's fair enough. Sorry," he smiled and I left the room. 

I located Lou and Lux's room and went to knock on the door until I heard voices projecting out of it. 
"What do you think?" Harry's voice said.
"I think it's great Harry. Are you certain?" 
"I am."
I didn't want be an eavesdropper so I knocked on the door. Harry opened it and looked unshocked.
"How is it that you get more beautiful every second?"
"It's called makeup and a hair dryer," I smiled as he hugged me. 
Lux was on the floor in the room playing with a beaten up giraffe toy. Lou was on the bed smiling at us. 
"Sorry to interrupt, it's just that me and Danielle are gonna go soon and I wanted to say that I'll see you later tonight," I said, playing with the jacket that Harry had put on. 
He leaned down and kissed me. "You wanna go out for dinner tonight? I haven't really taken you out while we've been here and I want to before the trips over."
"Harry, we have another week," I laughed, "But sure, only cause its your birthday tomorrow."
"Is that tomorrow?" he sounded shocked.
"Yeah, you won't be a teenager anymore."
He frowned. I kissed him firmly on the lips, "I will see you tonight then."

With that I left and headed back to Liam's room. He was just sitting on the bed, his laptop in front of him and glass of apple juice in his hand. 
"Hi Jorgie. Danielle's in the shower, she won't be long." 
"Is it alright if I just wait here then?"
"Sure come sit." He patted a spot on the bed next to him. I went and sat down. 
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"Updating Twitter. Ask Liam time," he smiled.
"Ask Liam, really?" I teased.
"Yeah," he looked a little hurt, "The other boys used to do it to but not so much anymore." 
"Liam, you've always been the most dedicated to the fans. They love you for that. If you didn't do Twitcams and Ask Liam's than most of the fans would have given up. You all have your own traits that people love you for."
He grinned happily as Danielle came out of the bathroom. 
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