For You I Will

After meeting Harry on a trip to France, Jorgie never dreamed that she would be watching him confess her love for her on an interview a few months later.. Even though it seems like the perfect love story, things are bound to go wrong for Jorgie and Harry..

THIS IS NOT A SEQUEL TO UNTAMED!!!! Apologies.. The characters are just the same because that is my name and Yeahh.,..


18. Updating

January 2013

Tuesday morning, I woke in the same position I had fallen asleep the night before. Harry still had his arms wrapped loosely around me. I wiggled up and kissed him gently on the lips. He smiled but his eyes remained closed. I moved to get up but his arms tightened around me.  
"No, don't leave me," he said, his eyes still closed. 
I laughed, "Just let me grab my phone then?" 
He loosened his arms, "Fine then, but you better come back." 
I hopped up a started searching through the scattered clothes on the floor, finding it in my bra from last night. 
I grabbed it and laid down, back next to Harry. He didn't hesitate to wrap his arms back around me. 

I opened my phone and looked at my home screen. I had a few random messages, one from my dad who didn't know how to use a phone, and I replied to each of them roughly. 

From: Nialler 
Could you two SHUT UP!! 

I laughed and Harry opened his eyes.
"What?" he asked. 
I showed him the text and he looked confused. 
"What?" I stared up at his face. 
"Niall's room is a fair way away from ours, next to Liam's room."
We both started laughing. 
"What's happening on Twitter?" Harry asked, I opened it in my phone. 
My newsfeed popped up. "Well, Taylor Swift is writing another song and she is looking for inspiration. Umm, Ed is talking about Lego again. Hot Chelle Rae have just released a new single. And to the trends.." I sounded like a news reporter, "Umm, something about Glee is trending. I have no idea what they are talking about. Ed and his lego is trending. There is a bunch of stuff in another language and something about Milkshake City. You have to take me there by the way," I smiled up at Harry again. 
"I will. What are you going to tweet?"
"I don't know. What do you want me too tweet?"
"'Had an amazing night with that wonderful sexy man of mine @Harry_Styles'"
I laughed, "You just want me to tweet that your 'wonderful' and 'sexy'." 
I typed quickly: 
Amazing couple of days here in Greece.. I never want to leave.. :-) xx
Harry was reading over my shoulder now, "What no 'Sexy, wonderful man'." 
I giggled as he kissed my neck. 

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I jumped. We were both still naked in the bed, Harry pulled the sheets up over me and hopped out of the bed. 
"One second," he yelled. 
He threw me his shirt and pulled on some pants himself. I pulled the shirt over my head. It smelled like him. 

Harry pulled open the door, revealing A tall, curly haired, beautiful girl on the other side. I knew her instantly, Danielle. 
"Harry!" she said, hugging him. I had never met Danielle and this was not the way I planned to. 
She looked over Harry's shoulder. 
"Oh," she smiled, winking at him.
He turned around. Clothes scattered the room and I imagined I looked pretty silly sitting under the sheets with Harry's shirt on. 
"Shut up," he laughed. 
"Hi, I'm Danielle," she called over to me. 
I smiled, "Hi, I'm Jorgie." 
"Well, anyway, I'm gonna go now I just wanted to tell you that we are all going down to the pool if you guys wanna come. Goodbye," she laughed as Harry closed the door behind her. 
I gave him a sheepish grin, "Not exactly how I planned to meet Danielle but.. You wanna go down for a swim?" 
He nodded and I finally got out of the bed.
I didn't bother putting clothes on straight away. I was happy in Harry's shirt. I walked into the bathroom, washed my face and quickly brushed my teeth. 
I could here Harry moving around the room behind me. I stared in the mirror, just taking in my reflection. My skin was as pale as always, my blonde hair stuck out in various ways. I pulled the elastic off my wrist and tied my hair into a bun at the back of my head. 
I turned to find Harry standing in the doorway in a pair of pink board shorts. 
"You look beautiful," he smirked. 
"Shut up," I smiled and pushed past him. He had tidied the room and pulled out a two piece white swimsuit for me. 
"I liked that one the most," he said grabbing my waist from behind. 
"That's my favourite."
He went into the bathroom and I changed into the swimsuit. 
Harry looked me up and down when he came back out. He looked shocked.
"What? Is something not covered?"
"No, no. It's just, how is it that I found someone as real, as beautiful, as amazing as you? How did I get so lucky?" 
I looked at my feet. 
He grabbed two towels from the bathroom and grabbed my hand as we left the room together. 
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