For You I Will

After meeting Harry on a trip to France, Jorgie never dreamed that she would be watching him confess her love for her on an interview a few months later.. Even though it seems like the perfect love story, things are bound to go wrong for Jorgie and Harry..

THIS IS NOT A SEQUEL TO UNTAMED!!!! Apologies.. The characters are just the same because that is my name and Yeahh.,..


17. The day we met.. (Flashback)

November 2012 
My sister and I were at a small cafe in France. We both had coffee in our hands and were discussing our plans for that evening. She wanted to party. I wanted to stay in. We only had 2 nights in Paris so I figured I would just go with her. As we hopped up to leave, a boy bumped me. 
"Sorry," he apologised quickly, turning to me. I recognised him at once, Harry Styles, but I didn't say anything, just smiled and turned to leave. I could hear his band mates chattering as they approached the counter and I pulled the door open. A hand reached out and grabbed me. I spun again. He looked bemused at my face. 
"I'm sorry," he apologised again, "It's just, has anyone ever told you how stunning you look?" 
"Wow, thanks and no. No one has ever told me that. I'm going now," I said, pulling at the door again.
"You're Australian," he smiled. I shook my head in amusement. "You have officially made my heart melt."
"You are so cheesy."
"Please, I just want to take you out."
"I'm already going out with my sister tonight and I'm only here for 2 nights," I smiled. I kind of wanted to go, he was sweet. 
"I have a concert tonight anyway," he frowned, "At least tell me your name."
I could feel my sister standing behind me laughing. 
"Jorgie," I smiled, as I exited the shop. 

That night, we went to a little nightclub just off the main part of Paris. Our tour guide had advised us to go there. It looked like a good enough place and we automatically went to the bar and ordered in the little French that I knew. 
My sister had a short black dress on with little red stilettos. I wore a sparkly dark purple dress with black strapped heels. 
As we grabbed our drinks, a guy grabbed my sisters arm and asked her to dance in French. I smiled and translated for her. She smiled at him and nodded, leaving me alone to find somewhere to occupy. 

I found a small table just off the dance floor and sat there pulling out my phone. Nothing interesting was happening though and I shoved it back in my little purse and took a big gulp of my drink. 
I felt a body sit next to me but didn't look to see who it was, I didn't really know anyone other then my sister and the few people we had made friends with on our tour. 
"Fancy seeing you here," he said into my ear. I knew that voice.
"Are you stalking me?" I said, staring into his deep green eyes. Big mistake. 
"It's amazing what you can get from someone's name and there image burned into your brain. Anyone following you on Twitter knows that you are here," Harry smiled.
"So, you are stalking me?" 
"No, merely following you."
I smiled, "Why?" 
"Because I want to take you out." 
"Well, you didn't technically take me out. Technically you found me here. Is your band here anyway?" 
He laughed, "You know who I am?" 
"Of course I do. I don't live in a hole."
"Well then why are you being so hard to get? I have fans crawling all over me." 
"I'm not shallow, or desperate. Truth is, I wanna go out with you but I am only in France for 2 days."
"How about I take you out now?" 
"But.." I said, pointing out to my sister on the dance floor. She was making out with the french guy and I figured she wouldn't miss me for a couple of hours. "Fine," I smiled. 

I texted my sister before getting up:

GOING out for a bit. You seemed preoccupied anyway. If I'm not back by morning, start worrying.

As I stood, Harry grabbed my hand. His hands were long and lean and so smooth to touch. 
"Just one moment," he yelled over the music and approached his fellow band members at the bar. I waited. 
He returned within the second and grabbed my wrist pulling me out of the club.

"Where are you taking me?" I questioned, as he pulled me towards a car parked on the curb.
"A little place I know."
It gave me no clues. 
I hopped into the car with no protest. Harry slid in next to me. 
He said something to the driver in French, something I didn't understand. Why had I not done the whole course? I could have known by now.
The car started to move and he spun to look at me. I smiled. 
"So, Jorgie, you're from Australia?"
"Yeah," I answered.
"Yeah, just in an inner suburb."
"Okay, how old are you?" 
"Shouldn't you have asked that before picking me up?"
"Well, you were drinking so I assume 18 or older."
"I turn 19 on February 23rd. That clears two questions. Where are we going?"  
"What about relatives? Do you only have the one sister?" 
"No, two sisters," I was really confused.
The car came to a stop and I started to hop out. 
"No, you stay here," Harry protested, pulling the door closed. He got out and was gone for about ten minutes. When he returned he opened the boot and put something in, then returned to his seat. 
"Where we're we? Oh right, two sisters." 

This continued for the whole car ride. I was praying that he would run out of questions but he didn't. 
When the car stopped again, Harry got out of the car and moved around to open my door. He grabbed my hand to help me out. To my amazement, we're parked right under the Eiffel Tower. It was lit up and lit up the ground around it. Harry grabbed a few baskets from the boot and grabbed my hand in the other. He picked a random spot on the grass and pulled a blanket out, laying it for us to sit on.
"Sit down," he said, grabbing my hand and pulling me down, almost making me land on top of him. We both laughed.
"What are you trying to fit fifty dates into one? This is amazing." I stared up in awe. It was the prettiest sight I'd ever seen. We were alone under it. 
"I only do perfect things for perfect people."
"I'm not perfect," I smiled, "For one, I didn't have many friends in school. Not a popular girl. The boys aren't crawling after me back home."
"The boys in Australia must be mad," he teased, reaching over to push a strand of hair out of my eyes. His touch felt good on my face and I leaned in to his hand and closed my eyes. 
He pulled back suddenly, "Let's eat, shall we?" he said in an upbeat tone. He pulled out bundles and bundles of food, and a bottle of wine. As he did, I took him in, observing every detail. His hair was messy and looked very bed-hair. He wore a black blazer over a white shirt and a cream pair of pants. He smelt amazingly good, some kind of mans deodorant. 
I didn't know what we were eating, I just ate. 
Harry kept questioning me, seeming to want to learn everything in one night. 
"Slow down," I laughed, once I'd finished eating. "We have all night." 
"It's 11:30 actually." 
I gawked. The time had gone so fast and I really didn't want to leave and go back to the hotel. 
"I have to go then. My hotel is in the outer parts of Paris. No fancy hotel for me," I laughed and began to pull myself up. He grabbed my wrist suddenly and pulled me back towards him. 
His face was and inch from mine and I could feel his breathe on my cheeks. I stopped breathing completely. He was so close. I blinked, trying to make sure he was actually this close. 
He leaned forward, making his lips millimetres from mine. I gasped at his movement. I knew what he was about to do and I wasn't prepared to ruin the moment. He moved slowly, testing me. He was smiling as I stood before him in shock.
"Why are you nervous?" he said, softly, breathing his minty breathe onto my face. 
I just smiled and leaned into his lips, pressing mine against his. The were soft, like his hands and he automatically took the lead, forcing his tongue into my mouth. It was the most passionate kiss I ever had had. After a while, he leaned back onto the blanket and pulled me on top of him, still kissing. His hands searched my back and I lost my hands in his hair. 
He tried to pull at my shirt but I stopped him, "I'm not having sex with you in the open, on a picnic blanket."
"What about a hotel?"
I smiled, "Mines in the outer city."
"Mines a five minute walk away," he teased, kissing my neck. 
I grabbed his hand and pulled him up with me. 
"Shall we walk there?" I asked, poshly. 
He laughed, "We shall." He grabbed my hand, "But I will have to sneak you past the guards."
"If I don't get caught, I don't care." He pulled me into a kiss before stashing all the food back into the car and leading me up the street. 

It was literally to streets away and screams began as soon as we turned onto the street. 
"Shit," Harry cursed, "I forgot about the fans." He looked at me, dissapointment in his eyes. 
"Are you ready?" I laughed. 
He looked confused as I dragged him in the opposite direction. 
"What?" Footsteps began to thunder behind us. I could hear them screaming his name. 
"Come on," I pulled.
We both started running and we were laughing at the same time.
"How are you running in those heels?" Harry laughed, as we ran. 
"I got mad skill," I teased.
We ran to the next street and rounded the corner. There were fans about 200 metres down heading our way. 
"Holy shit!! How many fans do you have?" 
"I lost count a while ago." He was clearly disappointed again. 
"We're not giving up. Can you jump walls?"
"Years of practice," he laughed and bounded to the wall that backed to the hotel. 
I followed as he pulled himself to the top and sat on the ledge. Screams were everywhere. Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me up and together we jumped down the other side. We smiled at each other, proud of our achievement. 
"Come on," Harry said, slowing our pace to a walk. 
"How are we going to get in but? Security is everywhere."
"Yeah but they are to prevent fans getting in, not me. I just have to sneak you past."
I laughed at the thought. He wasn't wrong though. He managed to preoccupy security while I snuck past and met him in the elevator. It was there that we began again. 
He kissed at my neck and down my collarbone. My hands grasped his butt. I pulled at his shirt and managed to unbutton his fly as he pressed my to the side of the lift. He was taking it slow but, I could tell. We both wanted to go a little faster but we stayed steady until we got to his floor. He had forgotten the people on his floor too. All his band mates were back and his manager and stylists all shared a floor. The floor was empty but and we tiptoed to the furthest room. He pulled me in and I practically ripped his shirt off. His fly was undone so his pants were next, revealing a pair of black briefs. He was turned on too. I pulled my dress over my head and kicked my heels off. The bed was massive and he pulled me into his arms before throwing me on it. He laid down gently on top of me and kissed down my neck and to my stomach, making my insides go fuzzy. Slowly making his way back up, he unclasped my bra and threw it across the room. Next came both our pants. Harry pulled a blanket over as the night passed on and kept kissing me, keeping the romance there. 

The next morning I woke to yelling. I hadn't been drunk the night before but it was still loud and ringing in my half asleep ears.
"Harry, get up!! We have rehearsals!!" There was a few bangs on the door.
What the hell was going on?
I looked over at the bed next to me. His back faced upwards and his hair was just a mass of dark curls. So, last night had been real.
Suddenly, the door burst open, revealing a good looking boy with flicked hair and a stroppy jacket on. He also wore pyjama pants which strikes me as odd.
"Harry!" he glanced around and spotted me on the bed, covered by a thin sheet. "Woah, sorry," he said, covering his eyes with his hands, "Would you mind telling Harry that we have to be at the arena in 20 minutes."
"Um, yeah, sure," I answered, shyly. 
He left the room. 

The body next to me remained asleep, snoring softly. I tapped his shoulder lightly. He flinched and slowly turned to face me. "Morning," he said, sleepily.
"Hi," I smiled, "You have to go. One of your friends just said that you have to be at the arena in 20 minutes."
"Shit," he cursed and jumped out of the bed. I had a feeling he went commando on a regular basis, because he seemed pretty confident walking around the bedroom naked. 

I hopped up as he walked around grabbing items from everywhere. Clothes from the wardrobe, his phone from his pants, a towel from the back of the door. I wandered around grabbing my clothes too and began to get dressed as he went into the bathroom. 

Now was my chance to make an exit. I didn't want to have to do the whole awkward goodbye thing so while he showered, I snuck out. 

Liam and Louis were the only two in the hallway. Louis looked proud while Liam stared at me in disgust, like I was some dirty prostitute or something. I kept my head lowered as I walked past them to the elevator. 

Once inside, I sunk to the floor. I did not usually sleep with a guy on the first date. I didn't usually do stuff like that. It was my hopeless romantic side that came out and he had swept me off my feet, literally. 

As I reached the bottom level, I stood and went to make my exit. There were guards everywhere, so I kept my head down and walked out at a quick pace, trying to avoid being stopped. I looked trashy too, wearing the clothes I had worn last night. The fans were still there too and I had to keep my face down again. I could feel the tears filling my eyes as I walked. I went to pull my phone out and call my sister but it wasn't in my purse. I knew where it was. It was back in Harry's hotel room, on the floor. I screamed at myself internally. Why had I made myself look so easy? 

I jumped in a taxi and fled back to the hotel. My sister was there, ready to go for the day. I quickly showered and got dressed and went downstairs with her to meet our tour guide and set out for the day. Shantelle didn't say anything. She knew what had happened and knew why I was upset. Her phone buzzed as we were getting on the bus.
"Hello?" she answered. 
Silence as the person responded. 
"Oh, okay, sure. I'll put her on."
She passed the phone to me. 
"Who is it?" I asked, before pressing it to my ear as we sat. 
She shrugged.
"Hello?" I said, holding the phone to my ear.
"Hi," came a voice that I did not want to hear. 
"Hi. I have to go. Sorry," I said coldly.
"Wait! Jorgie?" 
"You left your phone here."
"Keep it. Or throw it out. I don't care."
"Because I've never done that before. I only just met you and I was suddenly in your bed. You had me spun around your finger and I had a great time, I admit, but I can't do this Harry." I answered.
"Do what?"
"Am I speaking Chinese?! You know what!" I felt the tears start. 
"No, I didn't want it to be a one night stand with you. That's not what I wanted. You left. I want to see you again. Where are you going today?"
"We're climbing the Eiffel Tower. Please, just leave it be Harry. Don't come find me."
"Are you crying?"
I heard a noise behind him. "Harry! They need you on stage! Where is your head today?" 
"Two seconds," he replied, angrily. 
"You have to go. Just leave it be," and with that, I hung up.

I handed my sister her phone back in silence. 
"Who was that?" She asked out of curiosity.
"No one! Just a guy!"
"That Harry guy right? The one from that boy band?"
"Yes, now just let it go!" 
I felt wrong, dirty in some way. I was out of my element. 
Shantelle's phone buzzed again, this time indicating a message. 
"Who's that?" I asked, peering at her phone. 
"Mum. She wants to know why a random British boy answered your mobile."
I shook my head and face palmed myself. This is why I didn't do things like this. There were always consequences.

The Eiffel Tower was just as beautiful during the day. This was a day I would never forget. There were people everywhere. Tourists, locals. They filled up the area that had been empty last night. 
We were to climb the tower and it made my legs shake because of my fear of heights. I was doing it but. 
It was amazing from the highest point. You could see everything. Everything including the crowd gathering beneath. 
'Oh no,' I thought to myself. I had seen that crowd last night. The had been nesting around the hotel. 
Even with my fear of heights, I wanted to set up camp and just remain at the top. 
"Time to go," called our guide. 
I groaned. I knew what I was about to encounter.

As we reached the bottom of the tower, the screaming got louder. 
"Please, just let me through," I heard him shout. 
"His here for you, isn't he?" My sister nudged. 
As he finally broke through the crowd, I saw his face brighten. 
"I found you," he said, a little to cheerfully, producing my mobile from his pocket. "Why did you run out on me?"
"Thanks," I said, taking my phone from his hand. "And I already answered that. This wouldn't have worked." 
I turned to walk in the opposite direction. He grabbed my wrist and spun me into his arms. "We'll make it work," he said, before pulling my face up to his. 
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