For You I Will

After meeting Harry on a trip to France, Jorgie never dreamed that she would be watching him confess her love for her on an interview a few months later.. Even though it seems like the perfect love story, things are bound to go wrong for Jorgie and Harry..

THIS IS NOT A SEQUEL TO UNTAMED!!!! Apologies.. The characters are just the same because that is my name and Yeahh.,..


25. Take me out

The day was spent pampering ourselves and bonding. Danielle was really laid back and knew a lot more fashion wise then me so she helped me pick an outfit for dinner that night. Luckily, the whole day, we didn't get mobbed. A couple of girls approached us but not a whole mass. 

By the end of shopping, we were buggered. It had taken a lot and we found a little cafe to have lunch at. Talking to Danielle felt a lot like talking to a cousin or a friend. Not a sister, but someone still relatively close. She didn't bother dressing everything. I opened up to her too. We talked about her wedding, which was due to be in two months. She showed me a picture of her dress. It was stunning. For over an hour we sat just talking. 
Half way through the topic of what shoe designer was the best, my phone went off with a text.

From: Hazza 
When are you going to be back? I'm suffering here with Liam.. ;) He keeps talking about how he wants a new turtle before his wedding. 
To: Hazza 
Ohh!!! I'll be back soon :-) Then I'm all yours for dinner tonight ;-) 

I laughed. Danielle looked up and smiled. 
"Your perfect for him, you know?"
"Why's that?"
She smiled, "You both fit together. You tend to either match each other or differentiate each other. And he used to be so glum all the time. Ever since he met you, he smiles all the time."
I looked down, blushing. 
"You also have a way of being in sync without even noticing. Harry does something and you are always doing the same and vice versa. It's really cute."
"Thanks. Do you think he's mum will like me?" This thought had been in my mind ever since I told Harry I would go back to England with him. 
"Anne? Anne loves everyone. Gemma is the one to worry about. She can give you a really hard time if she doesn't think you're right for her baby brother. She'll warm up but."
"Thanks. Now what should I get Harry for his birthday?" 
"Well, he does wear those little chains around his neck. Bracelets, he loves them. Something that represents you."
"Well, Danielle, let's start shopping!" 
We laughed as we got up and headed back to the centre shopping area. 

At 2, I had finished for the day, having bought Harry's gift. It was a short trip back in the car and as I got back up to the hotel room, I could feel Harry's presence. 
"Don't go snooping while I have a shower, okay?" 
He didn't answer. I had an inkling that he was hiding somewhere, maybe near the bed. 
I grabbed a couple of bags and headed for the bathroom. 
I wanted to take a long shower and take time to make myself looking stunning for dinner. 

The warm water on my back freshened me up and loosened my muscles. I was tense and nervous about dinner. Once I felt a little bit calmer, I stood in front of the mirror, wearing one of those white robes that the hotel provides. My hair was pulled up into a towel and I pulled my makeup bag out and began. 
My light brown eyes were eventually surrounded by thick eyeliner and a smoky eyeshadow. My complexion was normal, not splotchy and my lips were a really light shade of pink and were fully glossed. I done my hair too why I was in there. It took about 15 minutes to remove any knot that I hadn't that morning and another 10 to dry fully. I used my GHD to make small ringlet curls and after another 40 minutes, my face and hair were done. I opened the bathroom door.

Harry was still in the room and I could hear him talking softly. 
"I'll be home soon, I promise!"
The person replied. 
He was over the other side of the bed, between that and the window. I laid across the bed and looked down at him. He looked up and gapped. 
"Wait, what?" he said to the phone person.
"No mum, I am listening. I just died and went to heaven, I think."
I laughed. 
"Wait! Can I send you a picture of my angel?"
I shook my head as he raised his phone and snapped one, sending it quickly. 
"Hold on, I'll put you on loud speaker."
He smiled and held the phone out. 
"Wow! Harry!! You weren't joking about that angel! Jorgie? You look amazing!"
"Thanks Anne!" I laughed. "I promise too that I will have your son back within the next week." With that I went to get dressed and Harry continued to speak with his mum. 

In the bag in the bathroom I had my outfit for the night. It was long and cream and lacy and had no back. It dropped to just above my bum and hid nothing. It wrapped up around my neck and I tied it under my hair. With the dress on, my hair tickled my bare back. I felt like I should have been on a red carpet. Danielle knew her stuff. I added a pair of cream and light brown heels, which you could barely see and walked back into the room.
"I'm actually dead! I have died and this is heaven!" Harry looked as if he was about to pass out. 
He put his finger under my chin and bought my lips to his as he kissed me passionately.I laughed against his lips. 
"You smell like mint," I said.
"Oh do I?" he kissed at my neck, "You smell beautiful. What perfume are you wearing?" 
"Wonderstruck, my favourite."
He was rubbing his hands on my back whilst kissing my neck and I pulled back and made him look at my face.
"It's 4:30. Go have a shower and get ready. I am going to social network for a bit," I smiled and pushed him towards the bathroom. 
"Your wish is my command," he teased, bowing sarcastically and grabbing clothes, he headed into the bathroom. 

I pulled my phone out of my bag and opened Twitter. My mentions were full, so I quickly scrolled through and replied to some. I typed a quick status to tease some of the fans too.

@jorgiematthew23: Going to a lovely dinner with @Harry_Styles tonight. Don't know where he's taking me, but it better be good. :) x

Then I clicked out of Twitter on my phone and opened Facebook. I had about 70 new friend request and 40 notifications. I couldn't look at all of them so I clicked back out, considering deleting my Facebook. Next I opened instagram and took a quick photo and downloaded it. I was updating everything in one go. I could hear Harry singing to himself in the shower and it made me smile, just as there was a knock on the door. 
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