For You I Will

After meeting Harry on a trip to France, Jorgie never dreamed that she would be watching him confess her love for her on an interview a few months later.. Even though it seems like the perfect love story, things are bound to go wrong for Jorgie and Harry..

THIS IS NOT A SEQUEL TO UNTAMED!!!! Apologies.. The characters are just the same because that is my name and Yeahh.,..


22. Someday

I pulled on my pyjama pants and Harry pulled off his shirt and pants, getting under the covers the way he liked to. I smiled and jumped in beside him. 
"That's the first time I've ever seen your pyjamas," he laughed, "You want to watch a movie?" 
I nodded, "But I may fall asleep."
"What do you feel like watching?" 
"Love actually. I love that movie!!" 
He laughed and went and pulled it out of a section in his suitcase. The television that sat in our room had not yet been used so I hadn't noticed it. It was just an average tv chilling in the corner of the room. He put on the movie and came and laid back with me, putting his arm around me. I snuggled into his warm body. Almost immediately, I was pretty much asleep. 

I heard a soft knock on the door before I was completely out but I didn't react to it. Harry called to come in and the door opened.
"Oh, sorry," Niall's voice came.
"That's alright man. What did you need?" 
"Louis wanted to know if you had FIFA in here for Liam's Xbox?? We can't find it and we wanted to play."
"Umm, check in that bag there," Harry spoke softly and lightly moved his arm to point. 
There were a few noise and Niall finally answered, "Found it!! Thanks!!" 
He went to leave. "Hey Niall," Harry called, softly, "Can you turn that off?"
"Yeah sure. She looks really tired. So do you," Niall pointed out.
"Yeah, we've missed a lot. Trying to fit it all in."
"You really love her, don't you?" Niall sat on the end of the bed.
"She's my princess Niall," I could feel him smiling. 
"Are you gonna marry her?"
"Someday.. Someday very soon.." Harry took a deep breath.
Niall patted his leg and hopped up turning off the light and shutting the door as he went. Harry wiggled down in the bed and I rolled so he could wrap his arm around me. And with that I fell asleep. 

I had a peaceful night. The weird dream didn't come back. Harry stayed close to me, keeping me warm throughout the night. 

When I woke the next morning, I was still wrapped in Harry's arms. He was snoring softly. He looked peaceful and I didn't want to wake him. My phone beeped and I wiggled to get it off the floor next to the bed. 
It was my mum:

HEY honey. How's Greece?? Is it morning?? :-) I miss you a lot and I want to see lots of pictures when you get home!! Love you lots, Mum xxxxxxxxxxx 

I replied: 

HI mum!! I miss you too!! Yes, i just woke up :-) I forgot I even had a camera :-) I've been having the time of my life!! Might be going to England to meet Harry's family and then he may be coming back with me so you might finally get to meet him :-) I love you xxxxxxx
I put the phone under my pillow and rolled to face Harry. He was still sound asleep. I thought about what he had told Niall about marrying me. I smiled. He was so... Me. He suited me in every way. He stirred and I touched his chest with my hand, trying to wake him in the most subtle way. He wrapped his own hand around mine and pulled it up to his mouth, kissing it.
"Goodmorning handsome," I cooed, "I've decided on what we spoke about in the bath. I'm coming." 
He was still half asleep. "What?" he yawned, sitting up and stretching.
"I've decided that, when you want, I'm coming to London to meet your family."
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