For You I Will

After meeting Harry on a trip to France, Jorgie never dreamed that she would be watching him confess her love for her on an interview a few months later.. Even though it seems like the perfect love story, things are bound to go wrong for Jorgie and Harry..

THIS IS NOT A SEQUEL TO UNTAMED!!!! Apologies.. The characters are just the same because that is my name and Yeahh.,..


27. Harry's Birthday

I woke to Louis and Liam staring at me over the seat. Harry was snoring softly next to me. 
"Show us the ring," Louis demanded.
"You knew?" 
"Of course we knew. We're his brothers. Come on," Liam nodded. 
I held my hand up. It sparkled on my finger. 
"God! He went all out," Niall chimed in from the the seat next to me. 
I smiled. We were on our way to England were I would finally meet Anne and Gemma, my new family, I guess. Harry had then promised to take me home and then we were going to go from there. I had rang my mum and sent her a picture of me and Harry. 
That week in Greece had been topped off. 

I began to drift off again as Liam, Louis and Niall spoke among themselves. I put my head on Harry's shoulder and he curled his hand around mine. 

When I woke again, we were at the airport in London. I was half asleep and quite delirious so Harry carried me through the airport and to the car. Paps were everywhere and when Harry told me, I was quite embarrassed. He didn't want to wake me though. The car was warm and I fell back into a deep sleep. 

The next time I woke I was in a bedroom. It was dark but I could feel Harry's body next to me. His finger tracing circles into my arm. 
"Evening," he whispered, sleepily. 
"How long was I out?" I sat up.
"About 16 hours. More or less."
My hair was in a tangle at the back of my head. 
I groaned, "I need to have a shower. Where are we?" 
"My apartment in North London."
"Okay," I was confused. 
"Go have a shower. I will make you food. Your bags are in the living room. Come on."
He got up and walked into the light outside the door. I followed into a wide living area which I probably could have fit my whole house in. 
"What time is it?" I asked.
"Around 2pm." 
He was looking through my suitcase. He pulled a baby pink dress out and handed it to me. 
"Put this on and doll yourself up," he smiled, kissing me, "My mums almost here, as are the boys and several other people for my birthday dinner."
"Oh my god! Happy Birthday! I never gave you your present," I frowned as I wrapped my arms around his waist. "Later tonight maybe."
He grinned, "I like the sound of that." 
I hit him playfully and stormed off in the way I thought the bathroom would be. 
"It's not that way," he called, laughing. 
I stormed back. "Shut up," I laughed. He walked down a separate hallway and opened a door that led into the bathroom. 
"Wow!" It was massive with a spa bath and a shower that could probably have fit twelve people in it. I walked in and turned to Harry. 
He smiled, "Your toothbrush is in the holder. Your GHD and brush are under the sink. Shampoo and what not are all there. Anything you need just call out." And with that, he shut the door. 

I put my clothes down and pulled off the dress that I had worn home. My hair was all matted from curling it. I turned the shower on at the wall and I wasn't surprised to find that it was one of those showers that felt like rain and was in the roof so it was massive. I pulled of my jewellery, which included my beautiful engagement ring. I removed my bra and undies and hopped into the shower. I hadn't realised that my skin was cold an it stung at first when the hot water touched it. I washed my hair quickly and woke myself up. It took a few minutes for me to straighten my hair, brush my teeth, put on my makeup and put my jewellery and I walked out into the hallway. I couldn't remember which way I had come in so I headed left. Turns out it wasn't left it was right and Harry called out to ask where I was. 
"Umm," I followed his voice into another oversized room which appeared to be the kitchen/dining room. Harry was cooking some eggs. He smiled at me and pointed for me to sit at the table. He bought over a plate and placed it in front of me before sitting across the table. I ate quickly. I hadn't realised how hungry I was. Harry just watched as I ate, casually flipping through a magazine. 
"Thanks," I smiled, taking my own plate to put it in the dishwasher. I walked behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck, resting my chin on his head. His phone buzzed and he pulled it from his pocket. 
"It's been going off all day," he laughed. I read over his head. It was his mum. 

BE there in fifteen. Just gotta get some stuff. 

"By stuff, she means food," he said, playing with a strand of my hair. "I put your clothes away too. Hope you don't mind." 
I leaned down and pecked his cheek, "Of course I don't mind. Now, can you show me around this palace so I don't get lost again." 
He grabbed my hand and gave me a full tour, showing me cupboards and all the bits and bobs. 

The doorbell rang and he ran to get it. 
"Hi boys," he laughed, as a babble of noise emerged into the door. 
They all hugged him. 
"The last of us to turn twenty," Niall laughed, patting him on the back. I walked over to the door to meet them. 
"Hi boys!" All four smiled and pulled me and Harry into a massive group hug. 
Harry laughed, "Can't breathe!! Need air!!" 
The separated and headed into the living room, throwing themselves on the couch. 
The TV was turned on and video games had began. Anne arrived 5 minutes later with Gemma, both carrying plates of food. 
"Awesome!" Niall yelled, jumping up to follow them to the kitchen. Danielle came and so did a few others. Zayns on-again/off-again girlfriend and her band. The boys from the band, Josh, Dan and Sandy. Ed Sheeran and Olly Murs. And that was all. It was small and cozy.

Harry introduced me briefly to everyone before dragging me to the kitchen to meet his mum. 
Anne was clearly a people person. She began chattering away to me instantly. Harry left me to it and dragged Niall out, leaving me alone with Gemma and Anne. I began to help prepare the food, instinctively. There were bits and pieces of party food and by six everyone was seated with plates on their laps. 

Harry was talking with a beautiful curly haired girl from Little Mix and had his arm wrapped tightly around my waist while I talked with Niall and Olly Murs. 
"So your Harry's special lady?" Olly said, nudging me. 
I laughed, "I guess I am." 
Niall smiled and glanced up from his food, "He's so much more cheerful now."
Harry turned, "I can hear you." They both laughed. 
Olly nodded, "Niall's right. Harry, you seem brighter." 
Harry pecked my cheek and turned back to his conversation. 
"So, you two are engaged?" Olly continued. 
"Yeah," I held out my hand, "Long engagement but. We both agreed on that. Harry just wants everyone to know I'm his." My stomach squirmed. 

The night went quickly. People chatted and played video games and pool and eventually people began to either go home or fall asleep. 

I woke in Harry's arms. The room was light because we had left the curtain opened. The whole room was lit up. The dark blue bed cover. The massive walk in wardrobe. Every feature. 

"Morning!!!" Louis yelled, running in and belly flopping on the bed. 
Harry groaned, "Piss off Lou!!! I want to sleep." 
I rolled and patted Louis cheek. Next came Niall. He leaped on top of Louis yelling, "Hello!!!!" Liam followed and Zayn. They had all stayed in hope of Anne's bacon and scrambled eggs, as Niall had told me. 

The boys were perched on top of us singing a weird song really loudly. 
"Shut up!!!!" Harry said, burying his head in the pillow. 
"Oh, Grumpy Mr Styles does not want to get up this morning," Louis teased in a kiddy voice. 
"No, Grumpy Mr Styles wants to sleep all day next to his beautiful fiancé," the last part muffled by his pillow but still audible. 
The boys all 'Oohed' and jumped off, running for the kitchen. 
"They're like four little kids," I laughed, pressing my lips to Harry's bare back. 
"They're my brothers." He rolled and faced me. "This light makes you look so good."
I smiled and looked at his chest. 
"Why do you do that?" he asked, placing a finger under my chin and pulling my face up. 
"What?" I asked curiously. 
"Get shy when I call you beautiful?" 
I looked down again and he repeated the motion of pulling my face up. 
I took a deep breath. "I don't embrace my appearance. I mean, I don't think I'm ugly but I don't look at myself as beautiful. I'm average. Everybody at my school was average and I blended with them, trying to fit in. I didn't cause I wanted to be different. They were horrible and, a lot of the time, they made me put myself down.

"I mean, it's not like I ever had the guts to stick up for myself and I always wanted to be the girl who didn't care what people thought, but I'm just not."
He held me tighter. "You are beautiful... And talented... And everything I've ever wanted to have around me. You make me a better person." 
We had a moment. 
'Oh, your present," I jumped to my feet. The bag was in the wardrobe and I grabbed it and ran to lay back next to him. Handing it to him, I smiled. "This reminded me of you." 
He opened the bag and pulled out a few boxes. The first he opened was a bunch of indie bracelets all with there own design. The next was a silver chain with a few charms dangling of it. The first was a cat, the second a little paper aeroplane (cause he had lost his a few months back) and the third was a tiny silver heart. It had a H and a J engraved into it. 
"It's a bit simple but they reminded me of you." I smiled.   "It's perfect."
We kissed before I jumped to my feet, dragging Harry with me. 

The whole house smelt of bacon and eggs. All the boys, Gemma and Danielle were sat at the table.
Harry wandered into the kitchen and pecked his mum on the cheek. I followed and began to help prepare toast. 

Harry's POV
My mum was hard at work in the kitchen, preparing the boys breakfast. I immediately jumped in to help by frying the bacon. Jorgie was making toast and I couldn't help but appreciate how cute she looked in her pyjamas. She was wearing a cute white knitted jumper and black pants with red love hearts all over them. She looked cozy and huggable. 
I has appreciated what she had shared with me earlier. We both had insecurities. 

The day passed slowly. I kind of wanted everyone to go. I felt like I hadn't been alone with Jorgie yet. I grabbed a cup of tea and went to sit on the balcony while the others played video games. Jorgie was annihilating Louis at Fifa which everyone was clearly amazed at. I shut the door behind me and sat, trying to enjoy the quiet. I must have been there for ten minutes before Louis opened the door and found me. 
"Hello sunshine!" he smiled, taking the seat next to me. "What are you doing all alone out here?" 
"Just breathing," I laughed, turning to him. "It's been a pretty surreal couple of weeks." I fiddled with one of the bracelets that Jorgie had gotten me. 
"Yeah! You got engaged. You have to keep it a secret. You had a lot of sex. What did I miss?" 
"I like how you had to add sex," I laughed. "Did I ever properly thank you for flying her over?" 
"Yeah, almost a gazillion times." 
I grabbed him and hugged him tightly. 
"You truly are my best friend Louis." 
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