For You I Will

After meeting Harry on a trip to France, Jorgie never dreamed that she would be watching him confess her love for her on an interview a few months later.. Even though it seems like the perfect love story, things are bound to go wrong for Jorgie and Harry..

THIS IS NOT A SEQUEL TO UNTAMED!!!! Apologies.. The characters are just the same because that is my name and Yeahh.,..


30. Are you okay?

Jorgie's POV 
I woke to an empty room. It was dark and my eyelids felt heavy. Harry was asleep in one of the bedside chairs and his hair was pulled back in a beanie. He looked cute while he was sleeping so I didn't wake him. My stomach hurt. It had been weird finding out in the mad hurry that I had had a person growing inside of me for the past 3 weeks. I didn't know what to think of it. Would I have made a good mum? I had never thought of myself pregnant but finding out that I had been made me want a baby. I put my head in my hands and sobbed quietly. I didn't know why. 
Harry woke with a start and jumped up to hug me. He was drowsy, that was obvious, but he sat and comforted me while I cried uncontrollably. 
When I had calmed he pulled away. "Are you okay?" 
"Yeah, I think so. Sorry, I got your shirt wet." 
He laughed weakly, "Do you wanna talk about it?" 
"Not really, but I think it's inevitable. Where is everyone?" 
"Back at your house. They left a few hours ago."
"Oh, okay. I had no idea, you know that."
"No, I didn't know that. I had no idea. Have you noticed any changes in yourself lately?" 
"No, I've felt normal. I always eat a lot. I don't know." I was hyperventilating. He held me, trying to calm me. 
"That's okay." We didn't talk after that, just sat there. 

After about an hour I whispered, "What time is it?" 
Harry pulled his phone out, "4am." 
"Jesus!! Can I go home today?" 
"No!! You lost heaps of blood. They want to keep you at least one more day for observation."
I groaned, "I better not be in here for my birthday." 
"I'll make sure you're not," he kissed my forehead. 

That same morning, at about 10am, Liam and Danielle came into my room. Harry was asleep again, his head rolling over the back of the chair. 
I beamed when they walked in, "Hi!!" 
Danielle laughed and ran over to hug me, "Good to see you are okay. You scared me." 
Liam joined our hug.
I laughed, "Oh my god, what about the house? Did we buy it?"
"No," they both frowned, "Harry said not to finalise anything."
I frowned, "Don't listen to him!! Go!! Go get it!!" I shooed them out of the room and waved as they left. 

About an hour later, Louis came in with Emma. Harry was awake and tweeting from his phone. He updated my account too. Everyone had found out that I was in hospital but they weren't aware why, so we were making them aware that I was okay.
When Louis came in, the whole room brightened up. He had a massive grin on his face and he was gripping Emma's hand. 
"Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes," he laughed. 
I giggled and threw a pillow at him. They both moved to sit at the end of my bed. 
"How are you?" Louis smiled. 
"Don't ask me that!!" I groaned. 
"I haven't asked that many times," Harry whined from the corner. Truth being that he asked me every two seconds.
"Harry, have you been pestering her?" Emma laughed. 
"Yes, he has. And he won't go and get me some pretzels which is all I want," I laughed.
Harry laughed and stood, "Now that I know you're not alone, I will go get you pretzels." And he left the room.
"Whipped!" Louis yelled after him. 

I smiled, "So, what have you two been up to?" 
"We're going out for lunch. Outback Steakhouse," Emma answered.
"Oh, cheesy fries. Best thing ever invented."
They both laughed. 
"We'll wait for Harry to get back," Louis smiled. 
"I'm not a baby, Louis." I winced at the mention of a baby. It still haunted me that I could have had a baby. "I want to go home." 
"You can, soon," Louis patted my head. 

Harry re-entered the room, "What did you tell Liam?" 
He looked cheerful but like he was trying to be annoyed.  
"Don't deny it. You wanted that house," I smiled. 
Louis and Emma were still sitting at the end of my bed. "We're gonna go now," Louis smiled, grabbing Emma's hand, "We'll see you tomorrow."
Harry moved to my bedside. "Are you sure about the house?" 
I snatched the pretzels from him, "Yes! Whether I fainted in it or not, it is a beautiful house."
He smiled, "You're sure?" 
"Well, we basically own a house now." 
He pecked my lips. The peck moved into a deeper and passionate kiss which ended with his hands making their way down my body. He tugged at the pants of my pyjamas and rolled on top of me. 
"Harry," I warned, in between breaths, "We're in a hospital bed." 

Harry's POV 
"Harry," she warned again. 
I leaned back a little. I couldn't help it. My body yearned for her. I ached with longing. 
"Tomorrow?" I begged. 
"When I get home. To our new house too," she laughed. 

Jorgie's POV
He was desperate for some action, I could tell. I grinned, "I promise." 
He rolled onto the bed next to me. It had been a rushed few days and I could tell that the stress of me being here had worn him down. He had bags under his eyes, which did not suit him, and his skin was even paler. 
"Are you okay?" I asked, rubbing his cheek. 
"You're the one in a hospital bed. I'm meant to ask you that." 
I smiled, "I'm allowed to be concerned." 
My hand pushed back his hair, pushing the soft curls out of his eyes. He smiled and reached up to my hand, taking it in his. 
"When you get home, which I hope is soon, you have no idea what I will do to you," he grinned. 
"You always turn a sentimental moment into a dirty one, don't you?" I laughed, hitting him. 

I was let out early the next day. Harry insisted on carrying everything, leaving me empty handed as we strolled past the paparazzi and out of the building. He hid me slightly from the men taking pictures, looking pissed off at the fact that they thought it was cool to hang around the hospital waiting for him. 
The van was parked on the curb and Harry helped me into it before jumping in himself. It felt good to be out of the hospital room. 

He stopped at my house first, although I knew he planned to take me to our new Australian home. No one was home. We grabbed our clothes and headed on our way. It upset me that no one was home. Why weren't they there to see me off?
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