For You I Will

After meeting Harry on a trip to France, Jorgie never dreamed that she would be watching him confess her love for her on an interview a few months later.. Even though it seems like the perfect love story, things are bound to go wrong for Jorgie and Harry..

THIS IS NOT A SEQUEL TO UNTAMED!!!! Apologies.. The characters are just the same because that is my name and Yeahh.,..


29. A shock to all

We headed down at about 10:30am. The beach was a bit busy but it was a school day so there weren't many teeny boppers around. It was obvious that people knew who they were but no one bothered us. The boys hired some surf boards and headed straight for the water, leaving Danielle and I laying on the beach. 

I didn't tan well so I smothered myself in sunscreen and laid down next to Danielle. We both untied our bikini tops and just talked as we sunbathed. 

After about and hour, the paps found us and I got really frustrated and decided to join the boys in the water. Liam was showing off the skills he had picked up and Louis was almost as good. Niall was just swimming around randomly and Zayn was avoiding the waves, trying not to wet his hair. Harry had joined Liam and Louis but was nowhere near as good as them. I kept laughing at his failed attempts to surf. 

At about midday we walked up and bought some fish and chips from one of my favourite places in the area. The afternoon then passed similarly to the morning. 

On the car ride back I must've fell asleep because I woke in my bed, my head on Harry's lap and the boys all perched around me talking. Danielle was looking at the massive collage of pictures stuck behind my door. I sat up and smiled. 
"Morning sleepy. Or should I say night?"
Someone (I'm assuming my mum) had turned all the fairy lights and lanterns on in my room so it was lit up brilliantly. It was also very dark outside my window. 
"Oh!! You were such a cute kid Jorgie!!" Danielle smiled, pointing at a picture of me with my sister at about age 4. 
Harry wriggled out from behind me and off the bed and went to join her looking at them, laughing at a few of the photos. 
"What time is it?" I asked Liam. 
"Bout 7."
"Oh... Really?" It felt so late. 
He laughed. 
"I'm going to have a shower," I announced, opening my cupboard and grabbing my onesie. It was dark blue with a white pattern on it and I hadn't worn it in ages. 

Danielle's POV 
I glanced at my phone quickly again. A text from Eleanor: 

From: El 
So is it true? That Louis has moved on? 

How did I reply to that? I continues to make out that I was observing these pictures on Jorgie's wall. Jorgie was a good friend. Over the weeks spent in London, we had bonded. It felt a little awkward being at her house but comfortable at the same time because it was just so welcoming. 
Harry came and stood beside me, making it impossible to text El back. He smiled at me as Jorgie went to go have a shower.

"It is cozy here, very homey," I smiled. 
Harry nodded, "But crowded."
Liam chimed in, "We could go and stay at a hotel." 
"Nah," Harry smiled, "I was thinking of getting something a little more permanent."
"A house?" asked Niall. 
"Yeah, with a big lawn too."
He left to go and ask Jorgie's mum, Mary, about the local areas.

Louis' POV 
"He acts much more spontaneous now that he is with her. I like it," I blurted, without even thinking. 
"Okay Louis," laughs Zayn. 

Nobody really understands, do they? Most of the things I've said over the past month have been brushed off, like I was talking crazy. I didn't understand. Was it because I moved on so quickly? 

Harry returned, "There is some land out that way," he pointed left, "And it is what I've been thinking about. We are going to look tomorrow." 
Liam nodded and smiled so I just did the same. 

I really wanted to go to Emma's that night but I made do with sleeping on the lounge. It did not seem right to leave the boys. 

Jorgie's POV 
"Wait, so we are going house shopping tomorrow?" I got really excited. This meant that trips back home were inevitable 
Harry smiled and cuddled me in. 
"You wanna..." he grinned. 
"No!!!!" I laughed. "My sisters in the next room and this bed squeaks." 
He groaned, "At this point I can't adore how you think of others over yourself. I usually do." 
I always did. "I promise, the first night in this house you buy."
"We buy," he corrected.
"We buy, okay?" 
"Okay," he moaned. 
I fell asleep with my head on his chest. 

The next morning I woke up with the sun in my eyes. The bed beside me was empty and the door open. I got up and wandered into the kitchen. Harry was cooking scrambled eggs whilst my mum cleaned the kitchen. He was laughing as my mum spoke to him. I was glad that they liked each other. 

We fuelled up and got ready for a day of house searching. Liam and Danielle were coming with us too, as they would more than likely use the house themselves. 

We headed to the neighbourhood next to mine which was full of large properties and farmland. The first few that the real estate guy showed us were boring and bland. Finally, we got to one that had spark. It had gorgeous wooden floorboards and was fully furnished. I was wandering around when I felt my stomach flip. I thought I was going to throw up. It was worse but. The nausea was strong and I felt myself black out just as Danielle walked into the room.

Harry's POV 
"HARRY!!" I heard Danielle scream. She was upstairs somewhere and Liam only just beat me to the stairs. Her scream filled my head. This was bad. 

As I ran into the room and saw Jorgie laying unconscious on the ground my heart stopped. I thought the worst. I ran to her side and pulled her head onto my lap. There was blood under her legs. She tried to open her eyes. 
"Harry?" she said weakly. 
"Shh, I'm here." I touched her cheek. "Liam, call an ambulance." 

Fifteen minutes later, Liam, Danielle and I all sat in the waiting room of the hospital. They had taken Jorgie into and emergency room and had not told me anything yet. I was trying to control my emotions but mainly stress and the will to be strong for Jorgie prevented me from crying. Danielle was rubbing circles on my back and Liam sat patting my leg. 
A rush of people came through the door, led by Mary. I hopped up and hugged her. 
"They won't tell me anything," I said weakly into her ear.
"Harry, she is strong. She will pull through whatever has happened." 

Niall hugged me next and Zayn joined us. 
"There are paps out the front. Don't know how they found us but," Niall said, taking the seat next to Liam. 
Louis gripped my shoulders, "Are you okay?" 
I nodded. I wasn't and he knew that so he gave me a bear hug and pulled me to seat next to him. Jorgie's sisters were also with them. 

The doctor walked out to finally tell us what had happened. I stood next to Mary while he spoke to us. 
"Okay, I'm Dr Grahams and your her mother and fiancé, right?"
I nodded, "Yes." I was shaking. 
"Jorgie lost a lot of blood due to a miscarriage. Unfortunately, she lost the baby." 
"What??" I was alarmed. Jorgie was pregnant. 
"It was due to unknown causes." 
"She was pregnant?" Mary turned on me. 
"I didn't know," I was shaking my head. My whole body was quivering. "When can we see her?" 
"In about half an hour. She is in room 119." 
I walked back and sat in my chair, blanking out completely while Mary explained to the others. 

I was going to be a father and it was dragged away from me. I could have had a son or daughter. What if she hadn't have lost it? Would I make a good father? 
These questions reeled in my head. 

The hour passed quickly and eventually I was let into her room. The others waited outside while I went in. She was smiling like an idiot when I walked in. 
"Hello!!" She grinned. 
"Why are you so happy?" I climbed into the bed next to her. 
"Pain killers," she laughed. 
I rubbed her back, "You scared the crap out of me." 
"I scared the crap out of me." She curled into my arm. "It's good to see only one of you too."
"Huh?" I laughed. "Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?" 
She didn't answer. I understood why she didn't answer when a soft snore escaped her mouth. I smiled as Mary entered the room. 
"She's asleep," I smiled. 
"Sorry for snapping. It was clear that you didn't know. It's just that she's my baby and the first one that I'm losing. I mean, I always expected her to leave first and it was tough when she was away but I never expected her to do this. It is clear but that you are what she wants. She is much more cheerful now." 
She sat in the bedside chair and the others entered the room, filling it up. Louis said something and Niall laughed. I was drifting but. I was actually exhausted from being so stressed and ended up falling asleep next to Jorgie. 
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