Is that.. ONE DIRECTION?!?

17 year old girl visits the UK with her bestfriend. She's a directioner and she will see how her summer goes with One Direction!


4. The Hotel


So we followed One Direction. "Girls! I cant believe we're going to be with One Direction! Oh my god, I'm fangirling!" I said. "I KNOW! I call dibs on Niall" yells Yasmine. "I call dibs on Harry!"I scream. "I call dibs on Zayn!" shouts Esther. I forgot we were following the boys until we got a five star hotel. "Where are we guys?" I ask. "I don't know, but all I know is we're going to be with One Direction!" yells Yasmine. YASMINE'S POV:

     I was so happy knowing we're going to be hanging out with the boys! I'm really exited! I hope we go to the pool so I can show my body to Niall.(; "Helloooo!" says Jacqui while waving her hands in front of me. I get out of daydreaming. "Oh, yeah?" "Yasmine, we have to go inside, or do you want to stay here than be with you Nialler?" I could feel my face getting redder. "Hah, okay." I say.  

      When we entered their room it was bigger than my apartment alone. My mouth dropped. "So, what are going to do?" asks Esther.

"Hmmm.. what do you guys want to do?" asks Liam.

"How about swimming!" I suggest.

"Yeah!" they all agreed. At the pool, none of the girls had swimsuits, but luckily the hotel had a store for swimming stuff. I picked out a cute non strap bikini that's white with pink hearts. Jacqui picked out a bikini that was red. Then Esther picked out a bikini that was black with red and white letters. We also bought towels. Off we go to the pool with a hot, british boyband. a/n: hey sorry i didn't uploaded anything chapters! I was so busy going to parties and stuff ^-^ but here you go! I'll upload chapter 5 tonight! Enjoy! -Veronica (:

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