Is that.. ONE DIRECTION?!?

17 year old girl visits the UK with her bestfriend. She's a directioner and she will see how her summer goes with One Direction!


3. Spin the bottle

Jacqui POV:
Was it really One Direction? Here at Nando's sitting behing us? I was sitting normally and I couldn't stop staring at Harry Edward Styles. Once we looked at each other and I could feel myself blushing. His perfect dimples and green eyes. "JACQUI!" Yasmine shouted. Yasmine knocked me out of my daydreaming. "are you girls ready to order?" said the waitress. As we ordered I could see Zayn stare at Yasmine. Then I saw Niall stare at Esther. Could this be? Could one direction be falling in love with some normal fans?!?! I started whisper to them "I think one direction are falling in love with us." "how do you know?" asked Yasmine. "because I caught Zayn staring into your eyes and Niall staring ino Esther's eyes." They both started to blush. I just chuckled. "So what should we d-" my voice was cut off my a handsome man. "Hello." "Are you-" "Yea I'm Harry Styles from one direction." Yasmine and I started to cry of happiness. "Did I do something wrong?" he asked. "Well Harry, it's just that they're Directioners so they love you guys so much." "how come your not crying?" "because I'm not a directioner." "are you a directionater?" "I don't hate you guys but I like the music and maybe Niall." she mumbled at the end. "and maybe who?" he asked. "nothing." she blushed. We stopped crying and kept calm. "so Harry, what brings you here?" I asked. "oh I ermm.. wanted to ask if uh you girls would come and sit with us?" he suggested. "of course!" we all said. I sat next to Harry and Louis, Esther sat next to Niall and Louis, and Yasmine sat next to Zayn and Niall. Our wishes came to life. I was so happy that I made them sign my jeans everywhere. They even signed my butt. "so.. what you guys wanna do?" "how about spin the bottle!" suggested Louis. "okay" we all said. First Zayn spun it and he had to kiss Yasmine. She started to blush and he went for her. They closed they're eyes and they say there making out. "okay you two that's enough." said Liam. They both stopped and didn't notice they were kissing and both started to blush. Then I spun it and got Harry. My heart stopped right when his lips touched mine I felt butterflies in my stomach. We stopped and I was blushing. Then Niall kissed Esther. Neither did Liam or Louis get kissed because they passed. So we all left the restaurant and we went inside our car. "follow us." said Harry without even waiting for me to answer he just went inside the van.
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