Is that.. ONE DIRECTION?!?

17 year old girl visits the UK with her bestfriend. She's a directioner and she will see how her summer goes with One Direction!


1. Ready? I am.

Ruth POV:
"Wakey, Wakey." whispered someone. "go away." I said. "hunny do you want to go to UK?" she asked. "Mom I do." "Jacqui, get up now!" "Okay! Jeez. Isn't he crazy?" I asked my poster of one direction on my wall. "look at you! Talking to a poster." chuckled my mom. "can you please get out while I get ready? :)" "okay but breakfast is ready too." "I'll be down when in done." when she left I closed the door and went straight to the bathroom. I took a shower as quick as I could so I wouldn't be late. When I was out I brushed my black hair and put on my white ripped skinny jeans, along with a red "Keep Calm And Love One Direction" tank top, the. I put on my red hightops. I applied a little makeup and bracelets. I went downstairs and right when my foot hit the floor I heard a knock on the door. "I'll get it!" I shouted. I opened it and standing there was my two bestfriend's, Yasmine and Esther. We knew each other since elementary school. "hey girl! You look extrodanHarry!" giggled Yasmine. "thanks, and you look amazayn!" I chuckled. "and as for you Esther, you look erm.. phenomiNiall, BrilLiam, and fabuLouis."I said. She didn't like one direction, but she respected us, and we respect her. As we head out the door I get my stuff and put it in the taxi. Then we said out goodbyes and left. This was our new adventure. We don't know what's going to happen next, but we'll go for it.

Authors note: sorry on the description it says one bestfriend but I added another(: hope you guys enjoy my story!
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