Is that.. ONE DIRECTION?!?

17 year old girl visits the UK with her bestfriend. She's a directioner and she will see how her summer goes with One Direction!


2. Is it really them?

Yasmine POV:
I can't believe we're actually here in the UK! I hope we meet one direction and I get to meet the most hottest guy ever, Zayn Jawaad Malik. In not obsessed I'm in love, is what I always say to my parents.

Jacqui POV:
Woahh UK is so beautiful. "hey girls I think we should live here (x" I giggled. "if one direction lives here, then I live here!" laughed Yasmine. "you guys are lame." said Esther sarcastically."what? We love them." I said bravely. When we arrived at the rented apartment, it was huge! It didn't even look like an apartment. "I pick my room first!" I shouted while running I the biggest room. The room I got had a walking closet and a bathroom. "so how are your guy's rooms?" I asked. "awesome! I bet none of you have a walking closet or a bathroom!" shouted Esther. "I do!" me and yasmine said it at the same time. I was unpacking and I came across some posters on one direction. "carefully Jacqui don't rip them." I said to myself. I found tape and I hung all of them all over my walls. I felt like I was at home. "do you guys wanna go to Nandos?" I asked. "let's go!" they said. So we went to Nandos and we almost died in there. I couldn't believe my eyes, was that really them?
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