Final Words

Just a short one that popped in to my head at 3 in the morning.


1. .

This is my very last crusade,

From this I'll not return,

In my quivering hand's a blade, 

On my soul one final burn,


'Tis here I make my final stand,

To cease my pain at last,

To end my life by my own hand,

And so to God my heart be passed,


Here I stand alone and strong,

No fear does cross my mind,

I soon will be where I belong,

When I leave this life behind,


No more shall my heavy heart ache, 

No longer will tears fall,

When at last my life I take,

To put and end to it all,


Maybe someday I'll return,

But in a different form,

To live, and laugh, and love and learn,

As my once happy self reborn.


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