The Outcome

What is love? Is it when your with that person the whole world goes away? That's what 18 year old Anne wants to know but she soon finds out when she meets Harry and zayn from One Direction when she goes to one of there concerts. Will she have to pick wich one to love or will they find out her secrets and be ashamed? You will have to read more.


4. What happens next?


I really liked her she was different from the other girls i have met she didnt fangirl in front of me she just stayed cool like we were best friends way before x-factor witch i really like. I have got to know alot of thing from her like she has 1 dog and 2 cats and that she has a british accent i can tell cause it slipped out and after a while she gave it up and let it go free I thought she had one,she looked like she would it completed her she got it from her mum witch died about a year ago and her dad,well they cant find him but when she said it she didnt sound to sure about that but she quickly moved on from that subject but i couldnt cuz when she talked about her mums death she cringed like she saw what happend and then i think she lied about her dad not being found her eyes looked filed with tears but she was holding them back with every bit of her strength i felt so bad for her and i felt more bad when i saw something on her neck it looked like a scar from a knife I suddenly got mad who would do this to her I could tell zayn also noticed about he neck he just got up and sat next to and whispered something in her ear she nodded and he left. What did he say to her?I have to know so I went to ask her all she said is that he told her if she wanted to talk after this and then i could tell that he liked her.

Zayn's P.O.V

She looked like she was going to cry I could also tell that she was lieing about her dad not being found i knew she knew were he was but i wasnt going to ask i've only new her for a couple minutes but i could tell that she needed comforting so I went up to her and i asked her if she wanted to talk thankfully she said yes when i told her to meet me she told me a couple things but i could still tell she was holding something back i had to get it out of her so i asked right when i let the question out she started crying i couldnt stand it i couldnt see her cry so i hugged her till she stopped but even when i let her go tears still hoverd her cheeks i felt so bad for asking but i needed to know i asked her again this time sweeter "can i trust you" she asks sniffleing i nodd " im not tell you everything but i will tell you something not big but had mad a huge impact" she paused "ok so mabye it is big really big but promise not to tell any body not even the boys please if you please ask for permition from me" i nodd one more time and then she tells her story crying between every sentence.

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