The Outcome

What is love? Is it when your with that person the whole world goes away? That's what 18 year old Anne wants to know but she soon finds out when she meets Harry and zayn from One Direction when she goes to one of there concerts. Will she have to pick wich one to love or will they find out her secrets and be ashamed? You will have to read more.


5. the story

Zayn's P.O.V

"my dad it's my dad he....he ummm....he" she says slowly while crying. "HE WHAT!!!HE HURTS YOU IM GOING TO KILL HIM!!" I yell but whispering at the same time so nobody would hear me. "He....does im so sorry to tell you this but you asked and i wanted to trust you but please don't tell anyone at all please not even the boys please please just don't i promised i woudn't tell anyone" "But you have to or wait does he still hurt you and he did that scar oooooo im ging to hurt him-" "NO YOUR NOT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING...and yes he did the scar" she replies yyelling but lowering her voice at the end trying not to let anyone hear her. "Just tell the stupid story" "i can't tell you,your going to get mad and yell" "I won't i promise just go" "don't inturupt me" i nodd "ok so it all started when i was six my dad was a achoholic and he would come home drunk yelling at my mom for not being pretty and...he would hit her.....and come to my room and.....hit me but my mom would never let it last she would start hitting him to make him stop after a while of  yelling i heard a crash i went down stair's and saw my mom on the floor..." she slowly started crying and after a while she starting sobbing i went next to her and put my arms around her to make her stop a little. "okay can i start agian"she askes "yeah" "ok so when i saw her she had blood all around her after a while of stareing and wanting this so bad to be a dream but I knew this wasn't when my dad grabed me  and told me to look at her and that if i don't he'll do the same thing the only thing that i could get out is is she dead"


Anne's P.O.V flashback

"is she dead" " probably not i hit her pretty hard so lets say yes" he says slurring " NOOOOOOO WHAT DID YOU DO DADDY!'' '' WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE YELLING AT YOUNG LADY'' he said yelling louder at every word ''Why daddy why?'' i say while going to my mom to make sure shes okay or at least still alive but when i touched her she was so cold it scared me but i qiuckly got over it. I started to cry and when i looked back i saw my dad going up the stairs when he got up and i heard the door slam i cryed harder ''MOMMY PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME MOMMY PLEASE I LOVE YOU PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME WITH MY DADDY PLEASE WAKE UP WAKE'' I yell/cry while shakeing her praying that she would wake up but she didn't I gave up and crawled up agianst the wall and cryed knowing she was gone but at the same time hopeing she would come back to me. I started to yell loud i soon regreted it becuase my dad came and told me to shut up or he would hurt me but i didn't care i just kept yelling my dad came all the way down stairs and slapped me hard but i didn't stop he killed my mom so even though i was six i got some good punches but i was no match he beat me to a pulp but that was not the worst part.


Zayn's P.O.V

i just sat there and watched her wanting to hurt him so bad just kill him.

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