The Outcome

What is love? Is it when your with that person the whole world goes away? That's what 18 year old Anne wants to know but she soon finds out when she meets Harry and zayn from One Direction when she goes to one of there concerts. Will she have to pick wich one to love or will they find out her secrets and be ashamed? You will have to read more.


6. reality

Anne's P.O.V.


''What did i just do I just told sombody who i only know on youtube and i have barley met my childhood im so stupid!'' i whisperd to myself so he coudn't hear but i think i said a little lounder than i planned becuase he looked at me and said ''you are not stupid you just needed to get out dont worry im not going to tell any body i swear'' ''thanks and ummm sorry for putting it on you like that and why exactly were you going to kill him when i told you some people just laugh and we barley know eachother other than our names'' i said with curiousty. '' because umm ...'' he stammperd i know he wasnt expecting that question.


Zayn's P.O.V.


''thanks and ummm sorry for putting it on you like that and why exactly were you going to kill him when i told  you some poeple just laugh and we barely know eachother other than our names'' she asked ''i dont know because i like maybe'' i thought but as i tried to put those words in my mouth all that came out was ''because umm...'' ''you can tell me please'' she pleaded ''umm...I..I kinda like you'' she just stood there looking at me but i could tell that she was suprised but i had to tell her that harry did to so he woudnt go all freak that i didn't tell her and mabye she would want him. ''and i think harry does to'' i say ''why was all that she could out of her mouth ''i dont know your pretty and your personality it just you'' ''we dont even know eachother all i know is your name thats all and almost all the world does to so thats not supriseing and harry to thats not reall im not pretty and im not skinny or anything so why do you really like me or is this a joke.'' i was suprised but at the same time angry how could she not think thats she is pretty or skinny who has told her that but i have to say somthing or she is going to believe that what i said was a joke and it wasnt ''yes you are pretty and skinny and everything more yes your are and dont ever say that agian not on my watch and not on harrys ethier he hate s girls like that he really thinks your pretty and yes iknow we just met theres just somthing about you that makes me happy and i know harry fells it to'' i say trying to make her belive that she is.


Harry's P.O.V.


they have benn in there for a long time and i wonder what they were talking about i needed to know so i got up and walked to were they were i tried to open the door but it  was locked and i didnt here anything so i knocked ''hey you in there'' ''yea you can come in if you want,unlock the door zayn'' i heard anne say after the door opened two seconds later i went inside and everything looked all right to me ''so what were you guys talking about'' i ask trying to fill the akward silence zayn looked at anne and she nodded after that zayn left the room ''can i talk to you its important but.... its about me i could tell you knew somthing was up when i talked about my mom and yea i know we just met and everthing but umm can i tell you somthing that you promise not to tell any one'' she asked with pleading eyes i nodded and sat down she probably already told zayn thats why he left and she started tell the story after a while she started crying slow tears falling down her cheek and as the more time she went on with what happend the more i got mad she stopped talking and i could tell that was the end i got up and sat next to her and said ''i dont care if we just met or what ever just tell me and i will always be there through thick and thin-'' ''sick or healthy'' she finished my sentence but i knew she wasnt done talking there wwas somthing i could tell ''what'' i asked ''do you like me '' she asked and all i could say is ''yes'' she smiled and said ''so does zayn '' i know'' there was a silence and she started to say somthing so i looked at her and she said ''dont be mad but i dont know what to do this has never happend and im scared that we might atleaset have a friendship first-'' ''i know this has never happened with us to but we will figure it out'' out of no where i heard screaming down stairs and kate saying ''ne stay the room your dad is here'' when she said that i could feel anne shaking ''where is she!! shes my dautghter know tell me'' i heard him slurr he was drunk but im not letting him touch her ''harry help me please dont let him take me hes mad i can tell'' i heard say in a whimper ''never''was all i could say then i heard kate yell ''no'' and loud footsteps comeing up hes come.


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