The Outcome

What is love? Is it when your with that person the whole world goes away? That's what 18 year old Anne wants to know but she soon finds out when she meets Harry and zayn from One Direction when she goes to one of there concerts. Will she have to pick wich one to love or will they find out her secrets and be ashamed? You will have to read more.


2. Before the Concert

Anne's P.O.V

Finally we're here at the concert I felt tingles run up my spine as we walked through the door to get to are seats we looked like we are not the first ones there were about 100 more people there. At first I felt nervous about being backstage and then I thought to my self "They are normal people but just famous and cute and can sing" I saw come through the doors Kate squealed and I might have squealed also just seeing them espaiclly Harry make my knees feel like jelly I didn't know what to do. I find my self stareing at Harry with his beautiful green eyes I looked away when he looked at me and smiled I started blushing a little. When I look at him again he is still stareing at me at first I looked at the ground to blush and looked back his eyes looking straight into mine my face felt hot and I knew it was red but I kept stareing. "Hey you okay your face is all red" Kate says while patting my back forcing me to look away." I'm just alittle nervous that's all" "don't be there just teenage boys that are famous and hot that's all" "yeah your right" I say with a fake smile. As soon as she leaves Harry comes over and I don't know if he's going to go past me so I just put my head down to face the floor. " Hey you must be Anne I'm Harry nice to meet you" I look up to see that he's talking I me "yeah that's me and hi Harry" I reply with a smile. " So your the lucky person who got to go backstage and meet us" " yup me and my best friend Kate" "let me give you a tour,I hear you got front row " " yeah lucky me" " So where your friend Kate right?" " I don't know really she just left me" " o there she is" Harry says pointing to where Niall and Kate wer. "o well of course she loves Niall she poster of him everywhere." I say darasticly He laughs which makes me smile I think I like it here. Harry's P.O.V

She was beautiful. Her laugh made me laugh and I laughed I made her laugh. Her smile was to die for she looked like she had a very bright personality and not once did I feel uncomfortable instead I feel the opposite but there was something about her that made me want to hold her in my arms like she had something painfully inside of her like a secret that hurt her. I didnt know what it was but I felt good around her and we only met for a couple minutes I noticed the time and I had to go to get ready which I suddenly felt sad that I had to leave but she is going to be in the first row so I can see her all throughout the concert. " I have to go sorry bye " I said looking at my watch "Ok bye" she replied " hey can I....get your number " I asked "ummm sure"she said while pulling out her phone.after the exchange was done I left to get ready for the concert.
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