The Outcome

What is love? Is it when your with that person the whole world goes away? That's what 18 year old Anne wants to know but she soon finds out when she meets Harry and zayn from One Direction when she goes to one of there concerts. Will she have to pick wich one to love or will they find out her secrets and be ashamed? You will have to read more.


1. The News

Beep! Beep! Beep! "How do you turn this off!?!?!" I yelled while I bang on my alarm clock till it finally shuts up. "Yess!" I cheered happily. As I put my head on my pillow to go to sleep for a little more untill my best friend Kate barged into my room and yelled "GET UP WE'RE GOING TO MISS THE CONCERT!" I yelled back "OMG be quite it's seven we have plenty of time the concert is at 3 please let me sleep for a little more and before I get excited what concert are we going to?" "Are you ready for this o I'm going to tell you anyway we are going to see....One direction!" I screamed so loud my dad came in with a baseball bat saying "Get out of the house I'm a ninga!" I just stared but I couldn't help but laugh a little.I told my dad everything was fine and not to worry,which doesn't take long to convince he's been a reck ever since mom died. But off that subject we are going to see One Direction live in concert today at three instead of going back to sleep I got up to get ready. While in the bathroom doing my makeup Kate came in to do hers and told me news that might have killed me if I didn't go to my pillow and scream. We are going backstage and we are sitting in the first row of the concert I kissed her and told her thank you but all she said was "Wow we are 18 and going to a One Direction concert,speaking of that get ready of Harry" She grinned.
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