My First Summer With You

Elena wasn't looking forward to this summer. Summer was a time for fun and hanging out with friends, not spending time in your grandparents dusty old house, miles away and across the ocean! It wasn't long before she found herself walking along the beach, finding the one person she would have never expected to see anywhere, much less alone and in the place she wanted to be the least.


1. First Day

*One week earlier*

"But why can't I stay home? My best friends are here, mum. I can't exactly spend the day with them when I'm across the ocean!" I knew I was pouting and over reacting a bit, but I didn't care. It was exactly a week until summer holiday and I couldn't do what I had planned. We literally had the whole summer thought out!

"You were offered an amazing opportunity! You aren't going to throw it all away for a few silly girls, Elena. It's not worth it." She was talking about the school. I was enrolled for the following school year in LA and living with my grandparents. My parents thought I should start out early and make friends during the summer. But how was I to do that? I wasn't 10 years old anymore, you don't make friends at the playground.

"I know, but why do I have to leave now? Why couldn't I at least have the summer?" I was frustrated. I hadn't had a chance to give my friends the proper goodbye they deserved. They were even planning a going away party for me at the end of the summer and half of the school was invited.

"Your father and I thought it would be best..."


"Well it isn't and now I'm stuck away from everyone. Thank you for that, I'm so glad I'm not going to see you until Christmas."



"Wow..." I was shocked. I hadn't seen my grandparents since last year, and they still looked as I remembered. However, their house was completely unexpected. The grand chandeliers, beautiful staircase, and spacious room that I was standing in wasn't what I had in mind. I thought of one much like the house I shared with my parents and sister in England; small, cramped, dusty, only smelling of old people. I looked around the room and it was anything but that.

"Your room is going to be the one upstairs on the left," my grandma said, pointing towards the staircase. "Come down to eat in an hour." I looked around one last time before heading up the modern staircase towards the bedroom I would now be able to call my own. It was nothing like I was used to; the stairs didn't squeak and they weren't covered in ratty carpeting that had years of spills, wear, and tear.  My old home wasn't exactly disgusting, but it definitely looked like two toddlers had lived there at one point. It also wasn't the doing of a rich couple either.

I looked to my right first and knew I would have to explore later. Door after door lined the narrow hall and I wondered what could be in them? I glanced to my left to see no hallway, just one simple door that I would have expected to be a closet had I not been told otherwise. Thankfully the door swung inward and I didn't have to step out of the way so it didn't knock me down the stairs.

The room was anything but a closet. My day was full of surprises!

The bedroom held a large bed, but it could have easily fit two or three smaller ones. The beautiful dresser stood against the wall and the flat screen television hung above it, nearly taking away half the space. There was a closet door too, but i wasn't concerned with the size of my wardrobe. I was too busy looking at the window; a huge, curtained glass window that nearly took up an entire other wall, opening to a balcony.

I set my bags on the purple duvet and walked towards the glass doors. They were so big they couldn't even be called windows.

I stepped onto the large, black, guarded platform and stared in front of me at the beautiful, sandy beach. I didn't even own swimwear but I knew I needed to go there at least once today to smell the ocean and stare at the magnificent waves.

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