My First Summer With You

Elena wasn't looking forward to this summer. Summer was a time for fun and hanging out with friends, not spending time in your grandparents dusty old house, miles away and across the ocean! It wasn't long before she found herself walking along the beach, finding the one person she would have never expected to see anywhere, much less alone and in the place she wanted to be the least.


2. Curly Haired Boy

I kicked my shoes off and stood at the water's edge, feeling the cool waves touch my toes and recede, only to come back again. The wet sand was soft against my feet, the water wearing it down to the point that the grains were so tiny you couldn't pick up just one. The sun was slowly setting and I smiled at the sight, one I had previously only seen in pictures after spending my life in rainy England.

For the first week of summer the beach was surprisingly empty. The only people lounging around me were a middle-aged couple and a boy who looked about my age staring out into the water from his seat on the sand.

I walked along the water's edge and felt amazed at how warm the water was. It was nearly bath water, but when it left the remaining sun was hot. When it hit my feet again a cool feeling would surface. I loved it and knew I would be back here again.

I walked past the couple and sighed. They were about my parent's age, but different. The smiles that lit up their faces as they played with each other's hands was genuine. They were in love, unlike my parents who were slowly drifting apart. 

I decided to ignore them and focus on the curly haired boy in front of me. He hadn't even looked my way, but those curls...

I shook my head. They weren't in LA, were they?

I kept going but I couldn't shake the feeling that I knew that overgrown hairstyle too well. The boyband, One Direction, was all the talk in England. It was the first time in a while that a huge boyband surfaced, and to come from such a small country was a huge accomplishment to a lot of the English citizens. It was something that they could throw into America's faces, even though I could now technically consider myself an American. I was going to legally be a citizen within a year, might as well get used to it!

I wasn't even a fan of them. Sure, I knew the words to their hits on the radio. I knew what they looked like... but that's as far as it goes. I couldn't even tell you their names.

I walked up onto the sand a bit, trying to get my feet to dry a little more so I could slip my shoes on once it got dark. The sand was hot and grainy, most likely scrubbing the skin off of my feet. 

I was just out of reach of the waves. Or so I thought.

The waves had been lapping up onto the sand at a pretty steady pace. They always hit the same spot on the sand too, hitting the line that had formed between the darker and lighter sand and going back towards the ocean again. But that one wave didn't like to follow the rules, and completely changed my life.

They might say it was fate, or destiny, or whatever you wanted to call it... but of course that wave carried a piece of seaweed right over my feet that made me screech, not knowing what had just hit me until the wave had pulled back. I looked up to see the people that surrounded me staring at me, the middle-aged women looking towards me with a face of concern. "Sorry!" I yelled, hoping that it would make them all ignore my presence like they had previously been doing.

But the curly haired boy didn't look away, and he was exactly who I thought he was.

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