Read this fantastic,funny,great,interesting and bombing story about One Direction being girl-ified. Read about their thoughts and life being a girl.


2. Chapter 2

Louis opened his cover to reveal the same thing" what are we going to wear when we get out there?" Harry asked viciously Louis jumped out of bed and went to the backyard where he jumped over the fence. Harry thought that Lou went insane.
After a few minutes Lou can back with clothes he robbed off people's washing lines, but Lou and Harry had no choice but to wear that. They came up with names for them selves: Harriet and Louise. They had to apologies to the boys for waking them up but revealed that they had the same problem too.
Awhile after ribbing off washing lines and commenting they chose names: Zoe for Zayn, Lianne for Liam and Jenna for niall( he wanted his name to be no where close to his real name).
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