Read this fantastic,funny,great,interesting and bombing story about One Direction being girl-ified. Read about their thoughts and life being a girl.


1. Chapter 1

(sound of magical powers) 'BEEP!BEEP!BEEP!' "good morning Harry." " good morning Lou-aaachoo!!!!!" Harry sneezed so hard his nose began to ache " the hay fever must be coming back." Harry sighed with despair and opened his eyes revealing to bumps under the edge of the blanket, he fell curious and picked the edge of the blanket up and screamed waking up niall, Liam, Zayn, the whole hotel, the street, the town, the country, the earth, the aliens, the whichwhatwho,ect. It is then Harry realised he had a girlish voice not the deep strong english voice he used to have. Harry looked in the mirror, he gasped as he was clutching his new boobs and gazing at his long curly hair and big green eyes trying not to look down there. Louis we've been girl-ified!
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