What we call love (A Niall Horan Love Story)

Lujeyn is a shy girl, she can barely even talk to anyone. Her parents died of a fire when she was only 5 years old. After her parents death She got put into foster care and soon adopted by her new mom. They lived together for 12 years until one day the police locate her Uncle Paul living in England and decide its better if she goes and lives with him. But does Lujeyn know she will be living with one direction? And will a special someone help get her out of her shell?


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Chapter 1:
Lujeyn's P.O.V
It was a monday morning, I quickly got ready for school, grabbed my Journal and headed downstairs for some breakfast. If your wondering why I carried a journal with me, its because I barely talk. Ever since that incident with my Parents, I spent 2 years crying my lungs out everyday, and let me tell you, it still happens sometimes. my life has just not been the same. I dont talk to anybody, I dont have any friends, I was just a 'nobody' I guess you can say. The only person I can actually talk to is my mother, The one who adopted me from foster care. And some times Icant ever do that, so she bought me a journal And told me to always express my feelings there, i also use it to communicate with her too if i dont feel like talking some days, such as today.
"Oh hello sweetie!" My mother greeted me. I cracked a smile

. "Whats 4 breakfast?" I wrote down on the Journal.

She leaned her head in to see what I wrote and smiled. "I am making pancakes,"She replied. She grabbed two pancakes and put them on a plate, she added syrup on top and handed the plate to me.

"Thank you." I wrote.

She smiled, "Anything for my dear."

I finished my Pancakes quickly and headed out to school. The toughest time of my life, it was the worst. I never ever talked to anybody, as much as I wanted to, words just never came out. Teachers have given up on me answering a question, so they all just put me at the back of the classroom. Alot of kids would always bully me, such as this kid named Noon. Shes just here to make peoples lives miserable. She always has those girls standing behind her being her 'sidekicks' like she would say "Hairspray!!" and one of them would grab a hairspray and do what she told them. She was a devil!
I reached school and quickly headed to my locker, keeping my head down to avoid any eye contact with anyone. I was very shy and never talked to anyone. Nobody ever even was interested in talking to me. As i was opening my locker I felt someone pushing me straight into the locker, making me bang my Head into it. All my bags and stuff fell to the floor, I quickly kneeled down to get it, but felt someones heels push me down to the ground. My whole body was just laying on the ground, while someones heels were stabbing my back. I felt the tears stream down my face, people were crowding everywhere, laughing their heads off. I quickly turned my face up to see who it was. Of course, I knew it, Noon. That bitch. She does this to me everyday. What have I ever done to her? She leaned in closer to my face

"Awwe, is mute over here going to say something? Ugh you ugly annoyin bitch!" She yelled loudly, causing attention.

I heard snickers everywhere, coming from all Directions, it seemed as if the whole school was watching. Noon gave me one last push with her heels and leaned in even closer so no one can hear her this time.

"Go kill your self, no one likes you." she whispered into my ears. Then, with her sidekicks, she went off ruining someone elses life.

I grabbed my stuff off the floor and headed to the bathroom, locked myself in the stoll and just broke off. I couldnt handel it anymore. Why was life so hard? Why was everyone mean to me? I leaned my back on the door of the stoll and noticed how much it hurt from stupid noons heels. Then, I felt blood dripping on the floor. I opened my shirt at the back to see, and sure enough, it was bleeding like hell. It hurt so much my head started going dizzy, My stomach was turning up, I couldnt handel it. "I hate you Noon." was the last thing I whispered to my self before completely Zoning out and falling to the floor.
I woke up to the sound of Someone feeling my back. I opened my eyes slowly realizing it was just the school nurse. She gave me a smile and leaned in.

"You gotta do something about this kid, you keep coming into here almost everyday. Let me guess, that braty Noon kid again?" I nodded. "Well your mama is here t pick you up! Goodbye kid! Take care of yourself."

The whole ride back home was silence, my mom was used to this. She always had to pick me up because I got hurt from Noon, I never do anything back to her, I just leave her, My time is not worth her.
We got home and I headed straight to the cough. Mom said she was going to take a shower and finishing her work, so I was left downstair watching tv. A couple of Hours passed. I spent the whole time watching show after show, not even realizing someone has been knocking on the door. I came back to life and hurried to answer the door, not wanting to keep the person waiting. As i turned the handle, to reveal who was knocking on the, My face quickly fell. I was shocked. Infront of me, were the people I never wanted to see again, the people who reminded me of my parents incident all the time. They were Police Officers.
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