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The day was 15th April 2009. In a small town somewhere in England, there was a young boy. This young boy was nothing special, there was nothing wrong with him, he was just an ordinary boy with feelings. This boy was quite a lost and lonely chap but there was one thing that made him stand out, just one thing that changed his life. Do you want to know what made him special? He was… ginger. Now many of you reading this may be thinking; how does being ginger change his life? Well let me take you back a few weeks ago, where this story gets more interesting.

On April 1st, just a normal day for this young boy, he was going joyfully to school as he did every day, for five days a week until his PE class came. In his mind, he was strong and mighty, but on the inside he felt vulnerable and weak. He was pretty much a big fat target just because of his hair colour. Now we have gone further on into his lesson, the cracks started to appear inside of him. There was this certain someone in this class who would control the fate of this boy. He changed his life from that day forth.

You might be thinking, how could this certain someone change this young boy’s life? Well I shall tell you. This certain someone was a bully. Again you will be thinking, how can this change this young boy’s life? Was it for the better or worse? Well, in fact, it was both.

Now let’s go later on in the day, when this young boy was at home again. He had not been in this certain place for a few years. This place was his mother’s arms. Tears drizzled from the boy’s eyes as his mother’s soft, calm, comforting words calmed down this boy. The mother’s face was white, as if she has seen a ghost. This was because she could not believe something like this could happen to her loving, caring son. When he words came from his mouth, her face changed. It was like seeing the devil on a bad day. You could see fire in her eyes and the steam coming from her ears.

The next day there was a disturbance in the school. This boy felt boxed in as he entered the tall, treacherous gates. AS all stared, you could see the fear on his face as each new eye glared, the more sweat trickled rapidly down his freckly forehead. His head was down in shame as he grew closer to those doors that looked much bigger than before. As his eyes slowly glanced up, a distant shadow appeared. It was dark, so dark. As it got closer, it felt like the young boy was shrinking with each step the shadow took towards him. All space around him had turned into cold darkness. There was nothing left for him to do. He had one choice; fight or run.

(Now, after this event had happened, this boy learnt something important, but you will find that out in a while.)

This boy chose to fight and try and show this big headed moron what he was made of.

A few hours later, this young boy found himself in the year office with cold tears slowly slivering down through brown bruised cheeks. The door creaked open as a large black leather shoe touched the puddle of tears the boy had left. The boy’s eyes crept up. He saw a bring light of hope.

After that day, that boy learnt something. He learnt that fighting is not the answer; just telling someone will make your life a lot better. Also he learnt to get on with his life and is now friends with the boy who once bullied him in the past. There was one thing that this boy will never forget; never give up on hope.

As years went by, the boy grew in confidence, he grew his hair out and he grew in size and he was not as small as he once was. He now has masses of friends. But there is one special thing about this boy. Would you like to know what it is?

This was no ordinary boy.

He was me.

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