long time no sea

Long time no Sea is about a girl named kelly who feels excluded, because she tells everyone that she spent a week with one direction, no one believes her! shes on a wild journey to prove to her friends wrong. along the way she is diagnosed with a brain tumor, with her little brother james by her side,she overcomes heart break, tumors, and her true love, but who? when she walks on the sand for the last time, will she have a long time no sea?


1. the break up and betrail


      It was a normal cloudy day in the "normaly" hot and sunny san francisco, I was stnding under my new pink and grey umbrella in my black rainboots that  have mudd on them from running in a puddle also wearing a pink raincoat, in case it rains. I was waiting for the stupid school bus, cause my mom has interview fo the first time in 2 years since my dad left. I saw jenn, and my boyfriend greg coming around the corner, there neighbors so it was normal for them to come at the same time, they didnt see me waving with a grin, that grin did'nt last long, when i saw my boyfriend, and my bestfriend KISSING! That day i broke up with greg in the cafiteria, if you know me, i never cry, my mom says its because theres something i save my tears for, i dont know what she means by that. When i was walking with maddi, i was gonna tell her my secret of spending a week with one direction, " so i have to tell you something" i said, "what?" maddi said " promise to not freak out" "yeah", " okay so I was in london, i ran into a boy named liam, he was cute and part of a boy band there, they hung out withme all week," "LIAR" she said, she ended up screaming it and kept on repeating it. I felt it was gonna be a long day!


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