Duty of the Purple dragon

A spyro fan fiction;
What if Malefor won? ever through about what would happened? well we have, and this is the story if Malefor won!


1. Prologue

"Young dragon, this world is created by the four elements. That you now master" The earth guardian told him, while he looked out in the horizons. The earth guardian was his favorite, he was all over sweet, and a good story teller. "One day, you will save the world from the upcoming evil that we all fear" he said. "But Luba, why don't we just stop evil before it gets too strong?" the young dragon asked.  "Thats a good question. But remember, without evil, there will never be balance in the world" Luba answered. The little young dragon looked out as well. The world was beautiful as it was now. How could someone just wanna make it evil? or change it? he wondered. "Luba, why is there not just one powerful element? which are a mix of the four I have?" the little dragon asked. Luba waited a little before he answered "There is young one, but promise me to never use it! It is called dark magic, and is extremely dangouse" he answered while looking down at the little purple dragon. "you are still young, but when you get older you will understand why" he answered. The little purple dragon watched while Luba rose up, and walked inside to the other guardians. Dark Magic? May the ancestors know  what it do. Why….. why don't they just let me do it..? The ancestors told me so…. please… no… I trusted them by all my heart. But why…?  "Purple dragon! STOP! this here is not what is true!" a voice told behind me. It was Luba. "Dark Magic is never the way!" he yelled. I turned my head only to see a bloody body laying on the ground. I had to do it. He stood in my way. " I told you" it was the only thing my mouth would allow me to say. "This is not the way... stop while it is possible" he said, with sadness in the eyes, and his voice cracked. I only shacked my head. The other guardians laid all around luba, not dead only unconscious. I could not kill them, they had been like a family toward me after all. I turned my head admit that I would never come back to here again. "No! Malefor! This is not the way!" that was the last thing he said to me before I flew off.

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