Duty of the Purple dragon

A spyro fan fiction;
What if Malefor won? ever through about what would happened? well we have, and this is the story if Malefor won!


2. Page 1

(this page is written by my friend since it is a collab story!)



"Do you give up?" he asked. "No!" was the answer, and Malefor growled, yet sadness could be seen in his eyes. Spyro looked over at Cynder, with fear in his eyes. What would happen to her? Would she go the same way? Or would she follow Malefor after his own death? "I'm sorry then," Malefor said, and lifted his paw to give the final deathstrike. "I would have loved to let you two see the new world that I create." He swung his paw, and the blood slowly ran out over the floor, while Spyro's purple eyes closed for the last time. Chill ran down Cynder's spine as she watched her dead comrade. She diden't want to die, it was too early. She looked up at Malefor. "I don't want to kill you Cynder, you've served me so well through the time. Come wih me. Come to the new world, and help me building it up, so life can start again." Cynder hestitated. What exactly did he mean by starting life again? Wasen't he only intrested in destroying the world and creating a place with eternal darkness and suffering? She doubted that Malefor would create anything good, but following him to the new world would maybe be the best way to stop him. As Terrador allways said: Live to fight another day. "I'll give up, and follow you to the next world." she said in a low voice, nearly whispering the words. "I'm glad to hear that." Malefor said with a smile, and the chain around Cynders neck, connecting her to Spryo dissapeared. "I wish that your friend would have said yes too. Even though I'm not allowed to take another purple dragon into the next world, I just woulden't like you to go alone. Unfornately, you'll need to." She nodded, not sure what to say. Suddenly it was like he wasen't that evil anymore. "Close your eyes." Malefor said. He hugged Cynder tight, folded his wings around her to protect her, as the world started to crash around them. Cynder closed her eyes and diden't dare to open them before Malefor suddenly letted go of her. She screamed in fear as she though she was gonna die when she fell out of his grasp, but she landed on her back in soft green grass. "So what do you think of your new home?" Malefor asked, and Cynder rose. "It's... actually beautiful..." she said as she looked around. And it was beautiful. They stood in a little valley that reminded her a bit of Avalar, just like a better verision of it. There was no sight of the dark world that everyone believed Malefor would create. Cynder started to slowly walk away from Malefor to explore more of the new world. It was so beautiful. She just wished Spyro had given up in time to be here too. "Don't go too far!" Malefor said, and rushed toward her. "Don't worry I won't go much lo- AAAAH!" Cynder screamed as her paw suddenly dissapeared down through the earth, and suddenly there was nothing but the stary sky in front of her. She would have fallen completely forward into the nothingness if it wasen't for Malefor. He reached his paw toward her, grapped her tail just in time and pulled her back on safe ground. "Don't be so fast young dragon, the world is not fully created yet, and I'll need your help to create the rest." Cynder looked up at him. Maybe he wasen't evil at all, why else would he try to save her and Spryo? Maybe he had actually told the truth when he said that it was the duty of the purple dragon to destroy the world... it was just their duty to create a new one too.

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