One Thing, Five Boys

Louis meets a girl at a signing first but ll the boys see her after Lou and fall in love. Lou ha her first. Could this break up the band? Well read to find out!


3. Zayn , Hazza , and Boo- Bear

Zayn's POV:

" Lou, what are we gonna do ? "

" Nothing. She stays "

" What about you Harry? "

" I'm with Lou she stays till she messes something up or one of us fucks up as usual. "

" Kay, it's settled. "

We made our way back into the room, she was staring dead at the Telly.

" Hey , uhhh Delilah. You ok? "

She picked up her phone and darted through it. I peeked at what she was doing. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. All that came up was hate. Lots of it infact. On the Telly her and Lou were at dinner and lots of photos came up of the two. In one photo they kissed, my heart shattered. I ran off to my room.

Delilah's POV :

" I'm gonna talk to Zayn. "

" No! " Harry protested

" I'm not listening to you Hazza! "

I ran up to Zayn. He turned around his eyes full of tears. He leaned into me we were at his door. I was slightly pushed into the door, he crashed his lips into mine. We heard crashing from downstairs.
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