It's ok you don't have to laugh

Are you depressed?
Are you bored?
Do you not have anything els to do?
Do you want to go to sleep but too tired to sleep?
Well you came to the wright place, this book will help you avoid all those things and even if these jokes aren't funny... At least you read it ;)


15. *wish*

Look for the a

Jump up 3 times...

Slap yourself as hard as you can 2 times...

Punch yourself in the tummy...

Open your window and shout "I LOVE SUSAN BOYLE!"

Tell you perants you you like cheese

Lick your toes and bite your nails...

*I can't believe you would actually do this*

Tell your cruch he/she is your real parents

And touch your eyeballs for longer than 5 secs

Give me 1 billion pounds, dollars, bucks, yen whatever ;)

And tell your self well done for doing all these things (if you actually did it)

And your wish will come true

*Warning your wish may not exactly come true. This may cause your health some serious damage. For your safety don't actually try this at home. I should've warned you before we started I know. I'm not apologising ;) I don't know why. Are you my grandma? 0.0 I'm just a random person*
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