It's ok you don't have to laugh

Are you depressed?
Are you bored?
Do you not have anything els to do?
Do you want to go to sleep but too tired to sleep?
Well you came to the wright place, this book will help you avoid all those things and even if these jokes aren't funny... At least you read it ;)


8. *warning it's abit rude*

A guy was desperate and really needed a girlfriend. So he decided to go in the mall with his friend to look for a girl. Then he spotted a girl with hot legs and a hot body.
"Hey babes, wanna go out?" He asked. The girl looked at him in disgust.
"I'd kiss a frog then go out with you" then she walked away. The guy was confused. He had nice blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes with straight perfect teeth but did not know why the girl rejected him. He continued to search for a girl. Then he spotted a very tall beautiful girl, with wavy blonde hair and green eyes.
"Hey beautiful wanna go out?" he smiled. The girl looked at him and laughed.
"You know am called Virginia for a reason" she laughed walking away.
The guy did not understand why two girls had rejected him in a row. So he decided to ask his friend. His friend laughed...
"Dude, didn't I tell you before? You need to buy yourself a bra, those man buns are sticking out again" he said.
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