It's ok you don't have to laugh

Are you depressed?
Are you bored?
Do you not have anything els to do?
Do you want to go to sleep but too tired to sleep?
Well you came to the wright place, this book will help you avoid all those things and even if these jokes aren't funny... At least you read it ;)


4. *Sleep*

Two guys were out having a drink in the pub.
When a drunk guy suddenly appeared.
"I' kissed your mom before" he cried.
The boys got up and decided to sit on the other side of the table.
Then the drunk guy came up to them again.
"I slept with your mom!" He cried.
The boys ignored him and decided to walk away.
Just when they were about to pull the door open, the drunk guy appeared again.
"Your mom thinks am hot!" he cried.
Then the boy turned around and said...
"Dad, you had too much beer again... Just go home" the boy replied.
The drunk guy was his dad.
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