sad story with a kinda funny twist



1. 1st chapter with a twist...

one day at a funeral a young wife looks over at her early deceased husband. she starts crying and leans over to whisper into his ear "i'll always love you, no other man will make me feel the you did" she leaves the casket crying to herself, then the parents of the deceased came over and looked at the casket. the father starts crying and say's "im sorry for never showing you respect and love son, i was a horrible father" he starts crying and leaves, the mother looks over and say's "you were such a good boy, why god why did you take him? take me!" she too starts cring and leaves. finally the priest comes over and leans over the casket to say a few words, everyone gets quiet. just then chuck norris comes flying through the window lands on the ground and says "sh*t" then bruce lee comes jumping though the broken window lands on chuck norris and starts punching him. chuck norris fughts back and gets up, as soon as he does this he turns and gives bruce lee an uppercut. realizing that bruce lee has no chance. he calls in jackie chan who comes through the doors and starts hitting chuck norris in the face. since it was 2 on 1 chuck norris decidded to get a friend too, he calls in rambo who comes in through the roof shooting a machine gun. the four start fighting, causeing a riot in the funaral, many people start leaveing, many stayed to record the fight. chuck norris knocks out bruce lee for a while, he sees the widow and starts f*Ck*ng her, jackie chan  sees what he's doing ans say's "hell no!!" he goes over knocks out chuck norris and he starts f*ck*ng the widow, the parents of the deceased are hideing but rambo finds them, he cuts off the mans head and starts rapeing the mother, finally a air-hoc comes out of nowhere and drops a nuke. after the nuke explodes and ends all. the deceased man gets out of his casket wich was closed the whole time. he then say's "boy i got messed up last night, i shouldnt have taken those pills, i wounder how long i've been knocked out?" "oh well i'll just go home, hope my wife ain't mad!"

                                                                                           ...THE END...

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