how i met one direction


2. apologize

I woke up the next morning to the sun streaming in through my window on my fact and the smell of pancakes. I stretched out my arms and got out of my bed, grabbing something to wear on my way to the bathroom. I got in and turned the shower on, and let all my thought run down with the water that was making its way through my hair. Ten minutes later, I came out of the shower, clad in my loose green shirt, and whit shirts. I ran downstairs, following the delicious smell of the pancakes float up the stairs 

"Good morning, Natalie!" my mom greeted cheerfully. I sat at the breakfast table and looked at her with puppy dog eyes .

"Can i please have those pancakes?"I whined

"Not until you do something for me," she replied

"Okay mom what do i need to do?"

"You were very rude to Harry last night.I want you to apologize."I...what?He probably doesn't even remember me!"

"Then you won't get the pancakes!" No way. She did not just go there 

"Fine.Ill do it for the pancakes."I walked out the door, glaring at her. She smirked at her victory and went back to making the pancakes. 

I stood at the door of the house at the door of the house that One Direction lived in and rang the doorbell. Five times, ten times. As i was ringing it for the gazillionth time. The door opened, and in the doorway was Harry Styles, shirtless.

"uhm, excuse me?!" I whispered annoyingly, wrinkling my nose in disgust as i tried to keep my eyes from staying anywhere...not needed.

"Oh"he said as if he had nothing else to say.

"My mom wanted mt to apologize for being rude to you last night.So I'm sorry," i said with a surly tone. He folded his arms across his chest and raised his eyebrows. "What?" i added, seeing him look at me a bit too intently. He pulled me forward into the home and shut the door. "What are you doing?!" i yelled, putting large pauses between al the words.

"Hazza, whats wrong with your voice?" we heard a sleepy voice say from the top of the large stair case. Louis Tomlinson was stepping down the stairs, rubbing his eyes. Great. Think of more One Direction, and here they come. One by one, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik filtered out of their rooms in pajamas.

"What is this, a party?! Wheres the food?" Niall asked, yawning. Niall and food.

"Who's she?" Zayn pondered out loud, swaying in his spot.

"Mrs.Millers daughter, Natalie," Harry answered, winking at me. This guy couldn't get enough of the flirting factor, could he?

"Yup. And my work here is done, so good bye," i said harshly,and left the house.

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