how i met one direction


1. when i got to london

Would you like a drink?" the air hostess asked sweetly, standing next to me with the cart filled with drinks.No thanks,I'm fine."i was visiting my mothers place in london over spring break,and i was really excited.After my mom and dad divorced each other, my life was a living hell.I missed my mom. My dad tried to be the mom in my life, but he never could replace her. Ever. The flight hadn't taken off yet, so i pulled out my phone from my backpack and texted my dad.As i was typing, the air hostess came back to me. "Its time to take off, so could you please turn off your cell phone?" I obliged and put the cell phone back. We took off, and within minutes i was in the air, on my way to london. I was scrolling down the movies on the screen in front of me, until i saw that caught my attention. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part . i pressed play on the remote, and the tittle music started playing. The air hostess with some food for me to eat, while telling me that we were going to be landing in an hour. Ah, london, here i come. I put my seat belt back on when the sign lit up on top of me. I was here in london,England. i felt the familiar drop altitude as we rushed to the ground. Soon, i felt the wheels of the airplane grind against the hard asphalt outside. I looked out the window and saw the skyline lit by all the various buildings surrounding London Heathrow airport. I smiled.I was finally here. i grabbed my bag from the overhead compartment and slung it over my shoulder. Walking out of the airplane, I bid a goodbye to the air hostess who had helped me. I walked out of the airport and saw my mom standing next to her car in the pick up lane. i ran up to her and hugged her, the tears making their way out of my eyes. "Hi Nat",she said, backing away from the hug and wiping my tears. "How are you?" 

"I'm good, mom, how about you?"

"I'm good. Ready?" We loaded my bag in the car and climbed in. We drove away from the airport and onto the highway. i turned up the radio, hoping for some good music to come on."And now, One Direction's single, What Makes You Beautiful," the voice on the radio said. One Direction here again. I groaned and turned off the radio.

"Whats wrong?"Mom asked.

"One direction seems so fake. I know that they got put together on X Factor and everything but...I don't know, they just don't seem right..."

"I see..."She chuckled. In a few minutes, we were at my moms house. She opened the door and we brought my bags in. She led me to my room, telling me that it was revamped just for me.

"Wait.. but I'm only here for a week?" i countered, smelling something fishy. Why would she have the room re-done if i was only here for a week, counting the two days that i theoretically wouldn't be here? "Natalie, don't think about that, You're here,and thats what matters,"I nodded my head. "You must be tired, go to sleep."She told me,and exited the room. I looked around, seeing the most awesome Harry Potter posters up on the walls. My bed was a large queen size with an amazing head bored. I sat down on my bed and laid back. This week was probably going to be the best week ill ever have this year. I heard screams and shouts outside and looked out my window. Crazy boys being.. well crazy. i opened the window. HEY! NORMAL PEOPLE TRYING TO SLEEP! I yelled, grabbing the attention of a boy with curly hair. He turned around and I immediately recognized him. Harry Styles. From One Direction. My mom lives next to One Direction!? I quickly shut the window and closed the curtains. Well that went well "MOOOOM!"I shouted 

What Nat?"she said from downstairs.

"Why didn't you tell me you lived next to One Direction?"

"I thought you would've figured that out..Anyway, you're going to be staying next to them the rest of your life." i ran downstairs hearing her words

"What? For the rest of my life?"

Yup, your going  to live with me!"

"You're kidding...right?"

"Nope,"she replied, popping the 'p.' "You're sixteen now, Natalie. You need a mother more than a father "What? Mom, what about all those other years?I needed a mother after you and dad split up! I've always needed a mother!" My mom came and hugged me, stroking my blonde hair. A doorbell interrupted our mother- daughter bonding session. I went over and answered it, wiping my tears with the back of my hand. i opened the door, and who should be there but Harry Styles. He walked in calmly, ignoring my flabbergasted look.

Say, Mrs Miller, who's this?"he asked, looking at me. He knew my mom? What the hell.

"This is my daughter Natalie," she replied, smiling.

"Oh, the one you keep talking about? My mother talks to Harry styles about me?

She looked at me uncomfortably before answering,"Yeah."Harry walked over to me and held out his hand.

Im Harry," he said flirtatiously, winking.

"Yeah i know"I said flatly."Harry Styles from One Direction." I glared at him, not caring that my mom was watching us. I didn't take his hand and crossed my arms instead. He felt awkward and left. I slammed the door on his back and turned to my mom. "You talk to Harry Styles about?

"He's such a nice boy, he knows that you're my daughter.." 

"Nice? Hah! Thats a nice joke, mom." 

"Nat, please All the boys are really nice. You're staying here, so please get used to it? For me? They could be your new Fr-" 

No way! Ill tolerate their existence for you, but I'm not going to be their friend." I stalked up to my room and closed the door. i changed in to my pajamas and turned off the lights and got to bed

i thought london was going to be awesome but apparently not.


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