How Movellas Changed My Life

*To Niall, the bestest, kindest, most patient friend I have ever had. As long as I live, I shall never forget you.* When Clover, shy and quiet fourteen-year-old hears of Movellas, she finds out she actually has a talent for writing. Movellas becomes her life. But how will her ex-popular friend Helen cope with this sudden surge in popularity for Clover? Will she be pleased or will she do her best to sabotage her reputation on Movellas?


21. The Clean Up

After dinner I had a shower and, hair dripping, logged onto the laptop. Danté walked into my room.

"You OK?" He asked.

I nodded my head. "Just gonna delete the comment- I should've done it earlier but I was too upset."

"You want company?" He asked.

"Sure." I smiled. "You're certainly no burden."


He grinned back, sat on my bed and wrapped his arms around me.

"I love you," He whispered intensely.

"I love you too." I whispered back.

I really did love him to bits.


He gently pushed the laptop away and pulled me towards him. We wrapped our arms round each over, and after dropping my phone on the bed, I gripped his hair. Our lips met hungrily. Suddenly I was on top of him in an embrace making out with him passionately.


Around five to ten minutes later, we pulled away and I got back the laptop. I propped it on his stomach and tucked my head in his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around me.


When I got on movellas I saw a comment on my blog from Annie GG:

"No way! Really?!"

I deleted the comments and sighed. Wrote a new blog entry:

"For all those that read the last entry, it was all false. Just a jealous friend with a password."


Danté smiled when he saw this. I sighed sadly and explained what had happened on Skype. Danté was raging. I don't think he could even begin to start yelling. He was just too mad.

"That......" He said through gritted teeth.

I put a silencing finger to his mouth and nodded.


Suddenly Brianna and Bronwyn-Anne burst in.

"Okay, we're sorry if we're bursting in on anything-" Started Brianna.

"But we think you's need cheering up. So you's are coming with us for a swim." Finished Bronwyn-Anne.

"But Bri! Bron!" I protested.

"No buts!" Replied Bri.


I looked at Danté and he shrugged. It was decided- we were going swimming.

It was fun playing games in the pool with Danté. We really got into the holiday spirit. At midnight we left the pool well and truly wrinkled. I quickly checked my email. One from Helen:

Skype tomorrow.


My stomach turned with the nerves.

"You OK Clo?" Dante asked

"Helen wants to Skype me tomorrow." I said nervously.

"Fuck thinking about her right now." He replied. "You need to get some sleep."


"Stay with me for a while?" I asked climbing into bed. He agreed.

Then we just started snogging under the duvet. It was so passionate yet so gentle. I pulled apart breathlessly. No matter how much I loved Dante, I wasn't about to do a Helen and lose my virginity at 14. I think he agreed with me on that aspect.


"Tell me a story - about yourself. Please?" I asked.

"OK." He agreed.

So we lay there, just talking to each other, for a few hours. He fell asleep before me - another night with him in my bed. I happily succumbed to sleep where I dreamt about Danté.



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