How Movellas Changed My Life

*To Niall, the bestest, kindest, most patient friend I have ever had. As long as I live, I shall never forget you.* When Clover, shy and quiet fourteen-year-old hears of Movellas, she finds out she actually has a talent for writing. Movellas becomes her life. But how will her ex-popular friend Helen cope with this sudden surge in popularity for Clover? Will she be pleased or will she do her best to sabotage her reputation on Movellas?


22. Some Friend!

It was the next day and I was on movellas, waiting for Helen to come online to skype. It was nine in the morning and Danté was lying next to me asleep. I was still in my night dress, under the duvet.


Suddenly, a Skype request came through. I hesitantly pressed "accept". Danté went stiff beside me. So he hadn't been asleep, I thought. Just watching me.

"Hello!" Helen laughed. "Like my gift on your blog on Movellas?" She gloated.


Poor Danté. I don't think he was able to help himself.

"You bitch!" He screamed, jumping up from the duvet. "You gloating, conniving, stupid, idiotic, cruel, whore-bitch!"

"Danté," I muttered. "Calm down, pet. Yelling won't help anything."

"You're right," he muttered. Then louder; "She's not worth it."


Helen yawned. "Are you drama-queens done yet?"

"What do you want Helen?" I asked in a sigh.

"I had a threesome and it was great. Just thought you babies should know. I take it you's are not brave enough to have sex yet?"

Danté snorted. "We're not stupid enough to lose our virginity at 14, you idiot."


Helen rolled her eyes. "Whatever. And you should so check your blog again Clover."

I just stared at her "Who are you?" I asked in a whisper.

"Grow up Clover." She said harshly. "We don't all live in a happy-happy world where everything's just perfect and we all have boyfriends who love us and are great on Movellas."

"So jealous," I muttered.


She just rolled her eyes. "Just check your blog, Clover."

She switched her skype off.

Uneasily, I checked my blog. I sighed when I saw "My best friend Helsey101 should take all credit for my work- she writes them."

Danté looked enraged. I deleted the comment quickly.


After some conversation, Danté and I got washed and dressed and headed down to breakfast.



It was evening - we'd been in town shopping all day. I could tell Danté had been bored, but he didn't let it show as he walked hand in hand with me round all the shops.  This evening we were in Bri and Bron's room like the last time with the neighbours - playing their version of truth or dare again.


I took a nervous sip of my coke when the bottle landed on me. My lips started twitching. I really hated that nervous habit.

"Dare." I squeaked when it landed.

"I dare you to go five minutes in the closet with Danté," Bron dared with a giggle.

"Bronwyn-Anne," I sighed frustratedly.


People had five minutes in the closet before - you had to snog for five minutes in the bathroom. Bri and Bron had an en-suite. I got up and led Danté to the bathroom locking the door behind me. Dante, deciding not to waste the opportunity, brought his lips hungrily to mine.


I was disappointed when someone knocked on the door and said "Times up!"

I could've done with five minutes more!


The game was quite an embarrassing one - Charlie came in half way through. I think she wanted to see how saucy we got so she asked if she could play. I think we were all blushing when Brianna asked her where did she lose her virginity and who to!


It was interesting when Dante had to sum me up in five words. He picked: "Fun, loving, awesome, caring and kind."

I think I sighed dreamily.


Danté looked relieved when we left for bed - I think they had all embarrassed the hell out of him!

He didn't ask questions when I led him to my room. After a good make out session we talked about Helen and how out of hand she was getting. We agreed she was a friend not worth having and I drifted to sleep easily with Danté stroking my hair and singing me to sleep.


I dreamt about Danté.


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