How Movellas Changed My Life

*To Niall, the bestest, kindest, most patient friend I have ever had. As long as I live, I shall never forget you.* When Clover, shy and quiet fourteen-year-old hears of Movellas, she finds out she actually has a talent for writing. Movellas becomes her life. But how will her ex-popular friend Helen cope with this sudden surge in popularity for Clover? Will she be pleased or will she do her best to sabotage her reputation on Movellas?


25. Meeting Helen Danté's Point Of View

The last few days of our trip to Greystown Manor had passed by pretty uneventfully. It was only when we got home that the fireworks started.



We had been home two days and I was just finishing the worst part of going on a holiday, the unpacking, when my phone beeped. I looked at it and realised that it was a message from Helen. I looked at the phone with pure hatred in my soul. I was tempted to throw the iPhone against the wall but decided that Helen wasn't worth breaking a €500 phone. I clicked into the message which said;

Heey! Meet me in the park at about 3. I have something uber important to tell you. Xxx (:

"Ugh." I thought but decided to play along because I was very nosey and wanted to know everything about everyone. I texted her back;

Hey! Sure thing. Looking forward to it :) x



I was waiting in the park for about fifteen minutes before Helen arrived, late, as usual. She got out of the car and ran to give me a hug. I feigned excitement as I hugged her back. We sat down on the swings and the curiosity was consuming me so I finally asked what I went there to ask;

"What is it you wanted to tell me?"

"Come over to the basket swing and I will tell you." She said in her formerly cute Cork accent. "These swings really hurt my arse."

I reluctantly followed her and we both hopped in.

"So what did you want to tell me?" I asked.

"Nothing." She replied with the smuggest of grins.

"Are you being serious?" I shouted. "You mean to say that I'm wasting a day that could have been spent with Clover on someone that I dont even -" She cut me off with a deep kiss on the lips. I pushed her away and stared at her with a mixture of shock and disgust.

"What the hell are you doing?" I screamed, "I'm going out with Clover! We've been over this, I dont fancy you, nor will I ever fancy you!"

"Oh shut up and kiss me again." She said as she tried to hook her hand around the back of my neck. "We both know that you want to kiss me again."

"No! I don't!" I shouted "And if you actually think that, then you are completely deluded! I love Clover and I'm not gonna cheat on her!" I hopped out of the basket swing and went to walk away. She'd started shouting after me;

"Why do you even like Clover?" She screeched. "She's a skank! She's ugly, stupid, fat! She's a loser Danté! You would be much better off going out with me and you know it!"

I'd just lost it. I ran back to her and started shouting in her face;

"Listen here, You spoilt little bitch! Clover is none of those things, so don't you dare say anything like that again! And Clover isn't the skank in this situation! You are! Losing your virginity at 14! What the fuck is wrong with you? And why the hell would you think that I would want to go out with you?"

I stormed off, seething, to leave her sulking in the basket swing.


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