How Movellas Changed My Life

*To Niall, the bestest, kindest, most patient friend I have ever had. As long as I live, I shall never forget you.* When Clover, shy and quiet fourteen-year-old hears of Movellas, she finds out she actually has a talent for writing. Movellas becomes her life. But how will her ex-popular friend Helen cope with this sudden surge in popularity for Clover? Will she be pleased or will she do her best to sabotage her reputation on Movellas?


3. Complete 360

Over the course of a month, my Movellas and I became really popular. I was delighted with my twenty fans. I had published a few homework short stories and random poems. I decided to take it to the next level. So it was then that I published my Movella "Complete 360". It was only then I hit the jackpot.



"Clover! Dinner!" Yelled Mum.

"Coming!" I called back.

was really pleased with my efforts on my new movella Complete 360. I had written the whole story and was just uploading the first chapter. I clicked save and publish.


Just then the front doorbell rang. That would be Helen. I had invited her to dinner and a sleepover. Danté aswell. It would be fun. I raced to the front door.The tall Helen looked breathless. Danté looked blasé, his mahogany brown hair, shortly cropped and tidy, green eyes mischievous behind his glasses. Danté was a head taller than me and a head smaller than Helen.


"Helsey!" I squealed, hugging her. "And look at what the cat dragged in! Danté!"

I hugged him too. He laughed good naturedly. As I was pulling back I caught a glimpse of... some thing weird. Different in Helen's eyes. I'd think about that later.


After a good lot of pizza and chips, stuffed, we made our way to my room. I quickly checked my movellas profile. Holy guacamole! I had 20 comments and 10 more fans already! Wow!

"Oh my goodness!" Danté squeaked. "Helen, look! Clover's got loads of comments and fans!"

"Lucky," Helen said a little wistfully.

"No. Not luck. Clover got that many because she puts time and hard work into her writing." Danté argued. "Well done Clover!"


I glanced at Helen and saw she looked a little.... bitter. Her cheeks were flushed crimson and her eyes were narrowed. I frowned. She quickly smiled.

"So are we sleeping over tonight then?" She asked brightly. Too brightly.

"Of course!" I said.

"Could she be jealous?" I wondered.

I doubted it. How could she be?

"How could she be indeed", a voice countered.

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