How Movellas Changed My Life

*To Niall, the bestest, kindest, most patient friend I have ever had. As long as I live, I shall never forget you.* When Clover, shy and quiet fourteen-year-old hears of Movellas, she finds out she actually has a talent for writing. Movellas becomes her life. But how will her ex-popular friend Helen cope with this sudden surge in popularity for Clover? Will she be pleased or will she do her best to sabotage her reputation on Movellas?


12. Bon Voyage!

We were in the car getting ready to set off for the holiday. All bags and suitcases were packed and in the boot of our Opel Zafira, Danté in the back-seat next to me. We had blankets, drinks and snacs ready for the four and a half hour journey to Co. Cork.


Just then Helen texted me.

"Danté, it's Helen." I said apprehensively.

I looked at the phone.

Helsey :): Hey biatch! Haven't heard from u in ageeeeeees! Ring me?!

Me: OK


"What does she want?" He muttered sleepily. Well, it was 10 O'Clock and we had been up since 8.

"Me to ring her. I'm gonna."

I dialled her number.

"Hey Clover! How are you?! Guess what?!" She spoke in a rush.


"Hi Helsey. What is it?"

"I'm going out with Alex! Isn't it amazing! Can I come over to yours to give you all the details?!"

"Helen that's really cool and I'd love you to but I'm just on the motorway heading towards Cork for our annual visit."

"Oh right, sorry." She didn't sound it. "Aren't you bringing me this year?"

"No, sorry Helsey. You weren't answering my calls and texts so I'm bringing Danté."


There was a long pause at the other end.

"Oh right, I hope you all have fun, I've got to go. Alex is here. Bon voyage!" She said half-heartedly.

She hung up on me.

"I heard." Danté muttered. "She's jealous. Again."

I nodded mournfully.


"What's all this Clover?" Dad asked from the drivers seat.

"Nothing, Dad." I sighed.

"Okay, pet. D'ya know what this calls for?!" He asked enthusiastically.

"What?" I sighed.

"Music! C'mon Chicken, I'll put on your favourite holiday CD and we'll have a good old sing along!"

I perked up at the mention of our "annual habits".


He put in the CD and I started singing along with random songs such as "The Star Of The Co. Down" and "Lily Allen's The Fear".

Some way through me singing the songs, I noticed Danté staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Your singing voice. It's... it's...... beautiful."

Butterfly's were going nineteen to the dozen and I think I might have swooned. What was wrong with me?!

"Thanks." I smiled.


"Now Danté pet. You will find out on this little trip that oufamily is very, VERY crazy. And Clover gives the lot of them a run for their money." Mum said laughingly.

A face that was very like mine turned round to look at us. The only difference between Mum and I were her sea-blue eyes.

"Listen  to her Danté. She's very right." I said through giggles. "Except lovely Aunt Agnetta. SHE gives ME a run for my money. She named her children Charlie, Brianna and Bronwyn-Anne. And that's only the half of it."


He laughed. "Clover, I think the whole world knows that you're crazy by now. I am too, actually. And I'd love to meet your Aunt Agnetta, she sounds like a laugh."

"Don't worry, Danté." Beamed Dad from the front. "Agnetta rang me the other day to remind me she would be holidaying with us aswell. So we'll see her and her spouses there!"


"Dad, why didn't you tell me?! I can't wait! I haven't seen Charlie and the twins in ages! I'll have loads to catch up with! Oh yeah, Danté. Brianna and Bronwyn-Anne are identical twins. So don't be alarmed if you can't tell 'em apart." I grinned.

"Okay Clover." Danté grinned back.


Halfway through the banter, I felt tired, so I closed my eyes. I was soon asleep.


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